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  1. As far as I know, no... unless you specify the value on the "message" for each alarm. Or you could create your own alarm popup.
  2. Short question: Can I somehow export one proyect image resources from a HMI NA5 to a system folder or another proyect? If so... how?   Edit: Woops made it by just copy-paste-ing from one project to another, but be sure to match the language and language order on settings.
  3. Hi, newbie question... on a NA5 HMI on sysmac studio... Can I declare a Global Variable through a Page subroutine or a Global subroutine? If so, how? Theres no such thing as: Public myVar as Integer Is it? Yes, I know I can use Global Variables window on Data. It is just curiosity...  
  4. TrendGraph (Data Logging)

    Finally made it to work on the NA screen in real time, I had to go from the simpliest and add things little by little. Thank you.
  5. TrendGraph (Data Logging)

    Hi Yes, but somehow the TrendGraph dissapears from the Page, and that's another problem I have with a real controller... so I will try it once again and check if everything is alright and if I get the same problem, post it here. Thank you I will repost soon.
  6. TrendGraph (Data Logging)

    ¿I see so is not yet implemented completely?
  7. Hiya Anyone tried TrendGraph and made it to work? Silly question to start... Are these Graphs dynamic? Can you monitor variables in real time? I ask this because I tried to make it to work with no luck. This video explaining the process ( explains nothing at all. Any tips? I'm trying to monitorize variables on a NJ101 controller with a NA5 HMI.
  8. Hey From a NA5-15W101S screen, I'm using "login()" method for login procedures. However I want some control over this method and particulary to store this warning message: Store the message string into a variable so I can use a datadisplay on a personalized login screen instead of getting that warning on the bottom of my HMI. And that is another thing which I need to control. How can I prevent that warning from appearing in the screen? Ty
  9. From what I know, global subroutines do not interact with page components. So I would just assign a global variable to the button variable property you need to enable and set it to True directly with the global variable.
  10. Alright, thank you, I had already a variable that stores the I/O value to compare these later. But I thought It could be an interesting feature if Omron could control automatically these range events by assigning specific unit variable. Pity...
  11. Hey I installed many I/O Units on my ECC203 and I was checking the parameters each unit displays. I found something that could be interesting to know about but I have 0 skill checking this info on the manuals if there's any. What I'm talking about is on the Configuration and Setup / EtherCat / Node# / Unit# -> Edit, between all the parameters : "Event Level Setting/Event 1" : Unit Over Range "Event Level Setting/Level Setting of Level 1" : Observation / Minor fault "Event Level Setting/Event 2" : Unit Under Range "Event Level Setting/Level Setting of Level 2" : Observation / Minor fault First of all, What is this exactly? I understand this is for the range of resolutions for example between -15000 to 15000 points on 30000 resolution units, right? So a internal signal checks if this is true of false if the analog I/O goes over or under those points? How can I interact with this on the Ladder? Can I create a Global Variable that shows a bool value asociated to this Event? Can I Edit the Under Range value to trigger whenever it is below 0 points instead of -15000 points as described in the above example, in case that is how it works? What else can you guys tell me about these Events?   Thank you
  12. Loading screen on NA

    Hey thanks man, I will check the link out and see if I can apply correctly to my code. For the moment I don't have this as priority but I will reply back if everything works fine. Thanks again.
  13. Loading screen on NA

    Okay, it seems I didn't formulate the right question or something... I thought it was a simple question. On my HMI screen while operating, there's several pages where I click on a button, for example, to process a subroutine which makes the screen freeze until the end of the subroutine because it requires lot of code to process. What I want to do is show up an hourglass or loading popup to let the user know it's still processing the code. When I was looking for a solution for this, I read something about threads in that allows the program to create a separate process while another is in progress. Is this possible?
  14. Hi everyone. I'm progressing little by little on my project. So I was thinking of ways to improve my code and interactivity and come up with the idea to popup a loading screen on those processes that requires some time to load. The thing is, i'm not familiarized with threads or anything similar to it. My main question would be, how can I make a simple loading screen? (Or just an hourglass, img, etc.) However I understand I would need to get some previous knowlegde about threads(?), if so, can anyone point me a guide or website, and also point me what can Sysmac Studio do and cannot relative to this matter? Thx in advance.
  15. Thank you. Well,l I solved all the problems now, one by one, with great effort I could finally understand how more or less sysmac works on this matters.