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  1. Custom Keypads

    Right, I went crazy searching for any hint about all this. Luckily for me you figured out this issue before I could give up and end up coding all from scratch. Thank you
  2. Custom Keypads

    Yes! Thank you innoaloe! Where did you find this info from? I wouldn't be able to figure this out ever, unless I went instruction by instruction! It worked like a charm, I need to keep this info secured for the future.
  3. Custom Keypads

    Thank you but this does not help me, the guides never mention how to make a DateTime keypad popup when clicking on a DataEdit. Check out the image, as you can see I cannot establish Date as DataType so the InputMethod will always be NumericKeyPad o QwertyKeyPad. Maybe I'm blind and cannot see the way to do it, anyways I should formulate the question in another way: How can I make a DateTime Keypad popup from a DataEdit?  
  4. Hi, noobie question... I'm using a NA5 on my sysmac studio 1.17 What is the method or code that I have to type in order to pop a Custom DateTime Keypad up? I have a button which I set up a subroutine called "calldatekeypad" whenever the button is clicked. But the subroutine is empty because I don't know how to call a keypad on my screen. Any help is apreciated.
  5. I need to save the new generated recipes from my program into my SDCard plugged either in the HMI or in the NJ Controller (it doesn't matter where). Whenever I use SaveAllRecipes() function, in my simulations the path is choosen automatically, so the generated .csv is saved on my hardisk at "C:/OMRON/Data/Temp". However, once i'm working my program just with my NJ controller and HMI (without a Computer on it's network), theres no .csv generation at all despite of my SDCard being plugged either in the HMI or in the NJ Controller. There's no such function for specify a path for saving recipes as far as I know, right?. So I cannot import anything from nowhere, that's my problem when I try to use ImportRecipe(). Is this case, what I'm doing wrong or what is necessary to set up previously in order to store the generated .csv into de SDCard? Ty in advance
  6. Ty innoaloe, I will try that, if it wasn't for you...
  7. Hi this might be stupid question, but I'm trying to use these functions for recipes: SaveAllRecipes(GetSelectedRecipeTemplate("myPage","myRecipe") System.IO.File.Copy(SAVEDRECIPEPATH?, SDCARDPATH?) Where does this save file go, which path I got to copy to use on my SD card? Then also to import recipe want to: ImportRecipes(myRecipe.SelectedTemplate, SDCARDPATH? & myRecipe.SelectedTemplate & ".csv") Also mention that there's no computer connected to the controller. When I was doing my simulations I could see that SaveAllRecipes generated csv file that went to "C:\OMRON\Data\Temp" folder. But there's no computer to store the saved recipe in this case. Thx in advance
  8. Yup, thank you for the responses, i'm going to try "Michael Wash" method since "panic mode" one did not work as intended.
  9. Will try that thank you! Does that somehow interrupts the rest of the program or it's totally safe?
  10. I want to use a For instruction on a rung that changes variables during a specific time. Doesn't matter if it's by ST or LADDER. Something like:   For i := 0 to 5 Do Variable1 := Struct[i].variable1 Variable2 := Struct[i].variable2 VariableX := Struct[i].variableX ... TON_instance(IN:=True, PT:=variable_in_seconds, Q=>TimeUp); <HOLD FOR UNTIL TimeUp := True> End_For;  
  11. On ST: - Clear(controller_structure); On VB.Net: ? (a structure mapped from the controller) - ??? ReDim MC1_controller_structure ??? Or do I have to reset all the variables within the structure one by one? Ty in advance
  12. Is there any way to establish a variable as min/max value of a gauge on sysmac studio?
  13. Hello As title says, I need to operate without an "User program Execution ID" both on the program and in the CPU Unit. It is a NJ101-9000 Problem is I keep getting the Major Fault error (ID conflict) despite of performing a Clear All Memory. (Cheked the W501 Manual) So next step would be Reset the CPU Unit but I need to be sure I don't generate another problem If I do so. So the current situation is: - Program has no ID - CPU supposely has a ID which I need to reset. - I don't know the ID from the CPU - Performed a Clear All Memory to reset the ID with no results. So, if I reset the CPU, will I get no ID so I can operate in RUN mode without problem? What does reseting implies? I have already an installation, will the reset affect my installation? Thanks in advance
  14. Hello, this is a noob question on how to code properly. Im trying to do something like this on a code editor inside HMI (NA5) Page:   For i = 1 to 100 Me.Button_"i"_Line_ON.Enabled = True Next i The code is more complex than this, thats why I cannot use the Animation tab feature on the interface to set Enable The number of buttons are 100, so I dont want to go 1 by 1. My poor knowlegde on Visual.Net and searching engines does not allow me to find a solution for this in a short lapse of time. Anyway to do this? Thx in advance.