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  1. MC protocol

    Hello once again, before I'll dive into mitsu manuals, does anyone of you know if there is some special relay signaling that PLC (FX3GE) have lost communication via MC protocol? Thank you in advance
  2. Using two PWM function

    Hello,   24MR or MT? R is relay version T is transistor one only T is able to PWM
  3. FX5U CC-link transient transmission

    We have balluff cc-link master with four IO-link channels, and we want to use TT to parametrize IO-link devices.
  4. Hey guys, I've question about Transient transmission (TT) via CC-link using FX5 as a master. According to chapter 4.3 in "FX5 User's Manual (CC-Link)" only way to access TT is via computer with GXworks3. Is there some workaround to use standalone FX5?   Thanks again
  5. Q series Moving H into registers

    Hello,   just numbers in Hex format.
  6. Minimizing OR function

    its zero, you have to compare value from K4M801 against something
  7. Minimizing OR function

    hello, something like this? if it doesn't help would you share your SW or important parts of it?
  8. iqR + FTP

    ok... please, can you help me to switch it?   EDIT: Solved, Thank you Gambit once again for right direction  
  9. iqR + FTP

    it will show only some melsoft directory ($melpr$) but we can't open it
  10. iqR + FTP

    thanks for reply we have made simple folder structure on card when it was in PC, but when we connect to plc with card in, we can't see/upload anything... card is unlocked (checked like milion times :/ )
  11. iqR + FTP

    Hello guys,   I've another question. We are starting with R platform and we have some problems with FTP functions. We want to acces SD card via FTP to upload, delete files to/on it. But we can't see files on card via FTP,  but PLC is able to read them. I'm pretty sure we have missed something basic, but we are manual blind after seven day binge testing...   thanks for advice/right manual direction   EDIT: local mitsu borrowed us R with firmware 10
  12. Code performarnce comparsion

    so after other test (encapsulating of structure into FOR/NEXT with 1000 repetitions) Jumps are clearly faster (31ms vs. 99ms)
  13. Code performarnce comparsion

    it is just a structure example.... each jump could be addressing "block" of tens of rungs in reality
  14. wearables

    a wearable screen able to show info is mandatory part of solution, because it will be used as navigation/"shoping list" for operator... standalone scanner is unusable for our needs
  15. Code performarnce comparsion

    Hello all, this time is my question somehow theoretical, but with high practical impact. Let asume we have simple program and we have to choose way of controling which step will be performed at time. Another asumption would be, that steps are not as simple as those in attached pictures, and that there are actualy few dozens of them. IMO deco version is much cleaner, easier to debug, and from what i have tried, it has lower step count when builded...   my question and point of debate I´ve with my colleague is: Is jump version faster (taking scan time into account) in actual real world PLC?   thank you for your insights