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  1. fx3u ENET card, ip change

    hallo all again, is there some way to change external IP (target one) using ENET-502 card without reinit via sending 1 to BFM1600? I would really appreciate it (time savings) but from little what i know it seems impossible :(   thanks in advance
  2. How to run program even the signal is stopped

    Hello,   start your  T1 with Y002   hope it makes sense to you and it will help you
  3. GT designer 3 scripting functions

    Im unable to find right manual, I'm new into field, and to be honest mitsubishi manual structure is more complicated then programing itself... If you could be so kind and just give me the name of right manual I would be very grateful. And i did not ask for solution, just for direction...   EDIT: its few pages before, dunno how i've missed it :/
  4. Hello there, I've done some reading through GT Designer3 Version1 Screen Design Manual (Functions) and in chapter 30.3.6 - Program examples I've found functions used like: redraw_object(); d_circle(params); or acces of object params via script like = 0; my.text_color = 0xE0;   So, my question is, does anyone of you have/know about documentation for this advanced stuff, it could be real game changer for me.   Thanks in advance for any reply
  5. Thanks for explanation about ENET-502 vs modbus cards, I dont have to buy FX3GE, because its in spare parts, which were canibalized from older projects :D
  6. Ok, now i get pretty confused :( FX3U-232ADP-MB FX3U-485ADP-MB FX3U-485ADP-MBH Are these just specialized MB cards, or are they able to do more then ENET-502, when it comes to modbus? EDIT: I'm overmanualed from last few days, even now i've few open, so thanks to anyone who will answer this, even if it is proly just one manual away from me.
  7. Thanks for reply I would like to try FX5  too, but we have some FX3GE in spare parts, and this is not number one priority project, so budget is limited.
  8. Hello, I wanna be sure before I'll spend some money, will I be able to control Turck devices (ie ), from I've found here on forum and on internet it looks to me like it should be possible, but I'm new in field of automatization.   Thanks in advance EDIT: I'm talking about Modbus
  9. oh, that are very sad news, but thank you.
  10. Hello, is it possible to directly connect two FX3Gs together using only front 422ports without any additional cards? And if it is, can you give me some direction where to search for details? thanks in advance