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  1. Thanks kaare_t,  I will head over to the  SCADA section and post a query. At the moment the sites are all 'stand alone' - we don't monitor them at all. When an alarm goes off the operator on duty deals with it. I'd appreciate any advice you can offer re the setting up of the VPN tunnels  - I had naively assumed that the ethernet module would be able to send the data to our office computer. Regards, Sally
  2. Thanks for your reply kaare_t. There are about 15 PLCs in different UK locations and each one has 4 or 5 alarms. A number of people have kindly offered advice and most of them have suggested that I install ethernet adapters and set up a SCADA system. Does this sound like a good idea or would you suggest an alternative approach?
  3. Hello, I’m looking for some advice about getting our Mitsubishi PLCs to remotely communicate with my office PC. Our PLCs are types FX3U and FX2N. Can you advise on the best module to add to each PLC to allow them to communicate with the PC? Is there a program I can install on my computer that will work with the data from the PLCs in a user-friendly way? It’s a big ask I am sure but I am looking for a program that will log all the PLCs’ alarms in a database and automatically send SMS/emails to the appropriate staff when alarms go off. The PLCs have been running for years but we’re new to the idea of communicating with them and saving data etc. Any advice about hardware/software/how you would do it etc would be gratefully received.