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  1. The project is in the Northeast. I was mistaken on my original post, the supply is 230 VAC single phase.  So I can easily get 110VAC from that. What are the rules as to when a control transformer is required? Thanks again for the help. 
  2. I have a question regarding the need for a control power transformer in a control panel. I have a 230VAC 3 phase control panel that I'm designing. I need 110VAC in that panel for various items. Is there any reason why I can't pull the 110VAC directly from one of phases on the distribution block (fuse it of course) and the neutral side from the neutral distribution block rather than installing a control power transformer? I've seen other designs where  in  similar cases a control transformer (230VAC to 110VAC) was used. Does it have to do with separately derived neutrals or is the transformer not even necessary? Thanks