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  1. Average motor speed

    Hi Guys!   There is a task. I have a motor, and I can monitoring the actual speed. The question is how can I to determine the average speed, if I know just the actual speed. If the speed is zero, it must be ignored. So I have to measure when the motor moves. Anybody have any idea? How can I solve this problem. RSLogix 5000.  Thank you.  
  2. FR A740 parameter save

    Hi Guys! A have a question about FR A740 inverter. Is there a solution to save the parameters from the inverter ? I know the method how can I copy the parameters from one inverters the to others. But what if I just have one inverter and I have to set the parameters. Is there a software for that task ? I f I remember correctly, there is an ethernet port behind the keypad, maybe I can use that ? ??? I want to save a backup too about the parameters and I dont want to see all of the 1000 parameters....  Thank you... Please help me.
  3. Multiple branch

    First of all thank you for your answer. Actually the X1, X2..... are the recipes. So there are so much recipe. The thing is later maybe they want to change the values, so I think that is important that the size group should be separately.  If you guys think that need a lot of programing for this problem, thats okay, I just thought that maybe anybody have a better idea than I have.  Thanks a lot.
  4. Multiple branch

    Hi Guys! You can read my problem below, if anybody can help, please do it. Thank you. So, I have 4 knife. You can set the cutting width for each knife separately. The problem is, there is a lot of size. There is an example: No1 size:  #1: 20 mm, #2: 25mm, #3: 30mm, #4: 25mm   (#1=Knife1.......)                                       No2 size: #1: 22mm, #2:24mm, #3: 32mm, #4: 27mm What is make the problem more difficult is There are plenty of type code too. Like X1, X2, X3, Y1, Y2, Y3 ..... This is the main material code. and you can choose the belogging size. So you can select for X1 to No1 or No2 ... but you can select for X2 to No1 or No2 or any sizegroup you want. I can solve it with a lot programming, like deal every possible situation ... but there is a lot time .... :S  There is a touch panel where you can set the values.  Anybody have another idea for this problem ?    
  5. Problem with array

    Hi Guys! I have a problem with data collection. I use RS Logix 5000 software. I need to collect 11 int value. The sampling frequency is about 2 or 3 second. I tried to make an array but I faild, because I dont find what is correct for my task. I need about 5000 sample each of int value. Anybody have any idea about this problem ? If I have the datas then I have to exporting to an excel table . Thank you if anyone can help me.   T
  6. Proface historical trend

    Sorry.  Proface GP 3000 series, GP pro 3.5, Allen bradley RS logix 5000, ethetnet IP protocol  If I remember correctly Thank you for your reply.
  7. Proface historical trend

    Hi Guys! I have an another question , I hope you guys can/want to help me. I have some problem with an proface panel. I want to make a hisotrical trend, but when I want to select the channels (tags what I want to monitor) I can't select anything, because undetermined. I think I should set the tags kind of a buffer list, but I don't find it. So my question is how can I set the tags. I can't changed it at all. If the answer is I need to make a buffer list, then where can I find it ?  Thank you so much. 
  8. RS logix 5000 motion control

    Thank you for your replies! Gerry you right, and forgive me because the wrong question. My really question is how can I create a motion control tag ? Can anybody give me a discription by step by step ? What should I do first ? What kind of variables need to declare ? I saw already before one motion control tag, there is some bit like somethnig.IP, something2.DN, something3.EN, something3.ER ... if I remember correctly. I havent problem with the motion instruction like maj, mas mam... just the motion control tag part. I searched some some photo from google, and I put a marker at issue place. How can I configure this part ?  I hope  du you understend of my really question already and sorry for the bad composition. 
  9. RS logix 5000 motion control

    Hi Guys! I have a problem with Motion axis move (MAM) command. There is an Allen bradley servo motor what is working well. But I need to add a new program section, wich is in  a specified moment, the axis should move a certain distance. I think I need to use the mam command, just I dont know how can I configure the motion control part. I need to make a new tag ? or what ? I need to use a user define ? PLS help me.   
  10. SMC pressure sensor

    I observed the raw data from the PLC and maybe I found a clue. The underrange bit is 1 (set), wich means the signal is too low. In this case what do you think gus whats the problem ? Maybe the sensor cause the problem?  Thank you for your any help.
  11. SMC pressure sensor

    So I watched the raw data from the another channels. I talking about 1794 IF4I. The first channel is not used. But when I monitoring the values, there is about -7700 value too. I tryd to remove the SMC pressure wire from the anlog module, then monitoring the value, and the value is not changed. But the channel 1 and 3 are operate correctly. What do you think maybe the module is not good ? Or I need to settings some things ? Unfortunatelly I'm really beginner.  JDHammond1 thank you for your letter. Where can I found the scaling funcitons ?
  12. SMC pressure sensor

    Hi! Allen bradley PLC RS Logix 5000 I have a problem with a SMC pressure sensor (ISE30A if I remember correctly). When I monitoring the raw data from the ananlog module, I get about -7710 value, when the smc display shows about 0. There are another SMC pressure sensors too, and if the sensors displays shows 0 then the values what I get form the analog module is about 0 too, so the others work properly. But this one don't.  I already check the wiring. I have no clue waths the problem. Any idea from anybody? Thank you for your help.
  13. Hi guys! Can anybody help me? I have an existing controlnet network. How can I connected a new module? Like an 1794 IB16. What should I need to do after I connected the new module? One more question: What's the difference if I do not connected the new module right after the last module, but I connected between already existing module. Then what should I need to configure. If anybody want to help, please write like step by step. I'm a beginner, but I want to imporve myself. Thank you for your help. I almost forget, I need to work with Allen-Bradley PLC, and I have RSLogix 5000 software.
  14. proface password

    Hi guys! I have a problem with Proface OP panel. There are some pages where the password is set. I think the password is in the OP panel not in the PLC. My question is that anybody know that how can I change the password? Where and how can I find it? Thanks for your help.
  15. Logix 5000, Array filling

    Hi, sorry for the late reply. Here is the pic.  My problem is that now the program after every fifth data arriwed made an calculation. But I want that the program make after every new data an calulation. I hope do you understand my problem. Thank you.