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  1. Hello everyone.   I found a cheap encoder S48-8-1000ZT (1000 pulses) and connect him to FX5U's X0 and X1 (2 phase - 1 edge mode, if i can trust manual - it allows me detect all pulses below 200 kHZ frequency). Changed input response time to 10micro-s. I created a program that simply look at this counting and make some math. If i am rotating encoder with fingers slowly - all works great (my mark matches at encoder and 1000 pulses in program), but if i turn it by 1 sharp fast move and then again and again - marks move by half turn at for example at 10000 pulses.  So i need your experience. Whats going wrong? Is plc dont have enough response speed? Or something wrong with encoder? Or with my configuration? I need to use FX5U and encoder at 1500 r/min motor (with another encoder), so i need to test it before going on object.
  2. FX5U - High-speed counter+encoder

    I didnt control a servo with encoder in mentioned post. In my case it was just encoder+plc for measuring. For servo you need positioning module (like FX5-40SSC-S), but you must check compatibility between servo and module.  
  3. Reading from FX3U error message

    Haha, i almost wrote you answer when i got same error (while testing your case) as you. So why do you have this error. When you working with FX3U and GX Works 2 you can download "Symbolic Information" into PLC. That means you can upload project in same "view" as you have in "Structured" or "Simple with labels" project (with all labels/FBs and etc). With Symbolic information you also downloading "Program File" ( ) that contains "Simple Ladder" code. And if you download Structured or Simple Ladder with labels in PLC and after download only "Program File" from any other project over it, and after you will try to upload from PLC you will get with message. This means "Program File" and "Symbolic information" dont match.  One thing is bothering me. You dont have selection "Program File" (like here  when i got this message - ) in upload window. Which version of GX Works 2 do you have (i have 1.577B)? To upload actual program that works in PLC you should download "Program File". And its impossible to download "Symbolic Information" without "Program file" and PLC cant work without "Program File" so it must be there.  
  4. MX OPC Server DA/UA

    Problem is configuration tool of mx opc it self cant connect to opc.
  5. MX OPC Server DA/UA

    I am trying OPC servers from mitsu (never worked with them before). With UA version i have no problem. When i configured connection in DA server and start "Monitor view". I always got "Cant connect to OPC server". Reinstalled. Installed another version (7.02, 6.10). But problem the same.  I've installed on another laptop with the same system (7 x64), but without many plc soft here (only gx works 2 and gx developer) and it works without problem. I thinking some soft is blocking it. Maybe someone faced this problem before. p.s. Already second topic in one week with asking for a help, god....
  6. High speed counters

    As far as i know - you cant simulate high speed counter. At least when i tried - i failed. P.s. A little bit hard task for first plc project.
  7. FX5U and Encoder project

    Your post made me think all evening after work. I got it. And it seems moving encoder on motors shaft in first project helps in that way - more pulses on 1mm of production - scan time delay affects less on error, cause if i wrong count 250-500 pulses, its only 1-2mm, but if i use the wheel - 250-500 pulses - its already 75-150mm.  Next time i will fill mitsu servos, amps and that module into that type of project. And make this sh*t work without error in distance. Really thank you for your effort in this question. 
  8. FX5U and Encoder project

    Hello everyone. I need to share my thoughts with someone. I already have 2 project that’s includes machines like flying saws (that moving with production line and cut) and I faced some problems. Maybe someone will share their experience. 1 project: Production line that creates sandwich panels. At the end of line staying flying saw which moving by servo. As a distance meter was 1000 HTL push pull encoder with 300 mm circle that moving on sandwich panel. I used FX5U plc. Connected channel A and B on X0 and X1. Made High speed I/O Ch1 with 2 phase 1 multiple. We put 2 1,5k Ohm on both X0 and X1. Encoder cable shield was grounded. Program was like pulses*ratio=distance. Distance =>Setpoint -> Cut. And then started something random. Every start of line error between setpoint and real distance of panel was different. In one start there was error like 2-3 mm. After a day maybe, when they start line different start to be like 10mm or another. They had to increase setpoint every time. We checked everything encoder circle, its rotating on panel, all mechanicals things. Nothing helps. We decided that cause was the temperature in room. In place where encoder stayed sandwich panel was right after heating process and metal decreases in length right after saw cut it. So we put encoder on motor shaft which pull material. So now we have something like 250 pulses on 1 mm of production (before was 3.33333) and dont depend on real material. And that’s helped. Error was stable 1-2 mm.   2 project: Production line that creates plastic pipes. Flying saw at end of line. Encoder 1250, circle 500 mm. FX5U, X0 and X1. 2 phase 1 multiple. Resistance and ground. Program same. At the start was multiple random difference errors like 20-30 mm. Accidentally we noticed that our resistance (0,25 watt) were really hot. We cut them. And all started to work properly, but… Difference between setpoint and real pipe length was something 70mm. So they want 9,72 meter pipe and for that need 9,79 setpoint. Error was stable and they seems ok with that. But on another day when we left city – they started another orded with thicker pipe and to get 9,72 pipe they need to put 9,82 setpoint. They still ok with that, but I am not. Maybe I something missing, but encoder that rolling on material is just don’t work with me. How to make precise cutting in this type of projects? Speed synchronization between line and saw is ok, cause cut is clean and on different speeds – same error. Guys, help me.
  9. FX5U and Encoder project

  10. Special function module convert FX2 > FX3

    This can be empty and your program will work with only FROM instructions.
  11. FX5U Modbus communication

    You can use 1 channel as a modbus master with 32 slaves and other as a Mitsu Inverter Communication with 16 slaves. I didnt test that, but you can.
  12. FX5U Modbus communication

    What inverters do have? Asking because if its mitsu - you can manage them via mitsu invertor communication and divide them between 2 channels (or use cc-link ie basis if inverters have ethernet).
  13. IEC 60870-5-103 protocol

    Hello everyone.  I have 11 Siemens Overcurrent Relay Modules that only can be communicated via IEC 60870-5-103 protocol. I need to make a system that will be gathering information from them (Currents, Voltages, Some discrete signals, etc.). On mitsubishi site i've only found information about 101/104 protocols. Does Mitsubishi have a plc that can be connected via IEC 60870-5-103 protocol? If not, maybe someone knows another plcs that can be connected to those modules (I am already looking on siemens site, but its seems not quite cheap).
  14. IEC 60870-5-103 protocol

    I understand that. This system only provide parameters indication and failure of equipment will not hurt anything, but its undesirable of course. I would be happy if mitsu have something with 103 protocol, but they dont. Maybe you can advice something? We cant afford Siemens (quite high price for such small system). And i dont know anything about writing of communication drivers. 
  15. IEC 60870-5-103 protocol

    Its seems not quite easy... Meanwhile i found cheap plc from russian company "OWEN" (i think you know them) with support of 103 protocol, but i've never worked with them before. i should check compatibility with GOT (which we already have) and their software. 
  16. FX Invertor communication

    Little update on this old topic. Project ended up with CC-Link IE Basis (Thanks to someone in our office who bought FR-A840-E by mistake). In the manual was written that only 6 inverters  can be connected to 1 plc. But accidentally i faced on mitsubishi site notes to new firmware of fx5u (FX5 Firmware 1.110): "Expanded number of CC-Link IE Field Basic slaves (6->16)". I updated plc firmware and CC-Link IE basis inverter connection works flawless. 
  17. FX Invertor communication

    Hello everyone. When i was working with FX3U and did Inverter communication (Mitsubishi) by 485 (485-BD and 485-ADP) i've faced really slow connection when there was many Inverters (2-3+). Then i was thinking its because low speed of connection 19200 or 38400. Right now i am making project with 9 Inverters and FX5U. Speed 115,200. And still connection really slow (about 2-3 seconds on refresh data from FR). I divided inverters on 2 groups (5 on CPU's-485 and 4 on 485-ADP) - connection improved, but still about 1 sec. In the program i am only taking data (FREQ/CURRENT/VOLTAGE and DIGITAL OUTPUTS) so there is not so many operators that load connection. I need your advice. Can i improve speed of taking data? 
  18. FX Invertor communication

    So, i tested MODBUS. First, my previous problem was only when some of inverters is offline. I think i have some problem with program sequence or with response time waiting, i will find out. Second, Its seems when you use small amount of commands (IVCK/IVDR etc) - mitsubishi inverter protocol is winning at speed.  I dont know who will win in case full control of inverter (full monitor and control), i will try it when i will have time. MODBUS (in case of Mitsubishi inverters) not so good as i thought at start. Inverters data divided between many ranges of memory and you cant cover that by 1-2 ADPRWs which can only cover 125 points of memory. Because of this amount of telegrams between plc and inverters not that small. And MODBUS master can be only one in one PLC, so you cant divide your Inverters between 485-modules (like mitsubishi protocol).   
  19. FX Invertor communication

    I really misscounted number of telegrams (forgot about PU/EXT/NET and Special monitor, and in last version i deleted Voltage part). There is now need to make sequence over them, they are working one after another. Like this - But i get your point, there is still to many telegram (even if they working) to inverters. With the one or two inverters its works really well, but if its 2+ inverters.... So i will tryout Modbus and will write results here.  Thanks for your response.
  20. FX Invertor communication

    I will share FB that i using in this project in this post. I dont need control in this application, only monitoring.  I will try ModbusRTU next week.  List of equipment: nine FR-A840 inverters and FX5U with 2 485 channels. I am using IVDR for writing special monitor parameter type. I want to monitor Temperature in inverter (HF3 - 96). Thanks for your response. FR_BLOCK.gx3
  21. FX Invertor communication

    Sorry but i dont fully understand you. As i said, I am using multiple IVCK (read) for each inverter and one IVDR (send). Can you describe it with example? 
  22. FX Invertor communication

    I am using the old versions of A/F-800 without Ethernet port.
  23. FX5U - High-speed counter+encoder

    I've found the problem.  i was using this scheme - . So i've removed resistors from circuit and it start to work well even if i turn it by fast moves. 
  24. Hello everyone.  I am trying to cheat GX IEC Developer and set up 38400 baud communication between FX3U and FR-F700 via Inverter communication. In GX IEC Developer you can only set 19200 as max, but 485 communication in FX3U can be set up on 38400 and that works perfectly in GX Works 2. So, i unchecked setting in PLC parameters and using M8002 to write communication setting in D8120 (using CH1 485-BD) but that doesnt work. I tried many ways before writing this and i need some help.   
  25. 485 settings in a sequence program

    I've checked convert future, never heard about it before, seems interesting. And backing to the start of the story - there is no way to make setting by sequence program for invertor communication? Its is not working even for 19200 baud (but working when im making setting download). I did it before for RS2 instruction and it works well.