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  1. GX works program read in a structured project?

    I always thought it something for protection data from uploading. You must have Structured Project if you working with this PLC or you should write your own project.
  2. Maps alarm management

    Hi JanHrust.  Sorry for late answer. Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False;Initial Catalog=AMDATA;Data Source=PC_NAME\SQLEXPRESS
  3. Maps alarm management

  4. Maps alarm management

    Hello everyone.  Was trying to reproduce process of creating History Alarm Log via SQL. And have failed. I've already mentioned that process before in this thread. I am using  SQL Server Express 2014 x64  and  SQL Server 2014 Management Studio.  What i do: 1. Create SQL Database (for example) "123" with no changes in settings, all by default. 2. Create Alarm Management agent "AM". Box History mode, and Start have checked. In connection SQL database 123 added and connection test ok. 3. Create Alarm for bit M 0 in PLC on ON and OFF conditions. Route 2. In output AM agent added. 4. In SQL Server 2014 Management Studio i already see that MAPS have already added tables in database, "Adr_AM_CurrentIncidents" for example. 5. Create a project. Add AdroitHistoticalAlarmViewer(connect to SQL Database 123), AlarmViewer and button that toogles bit M 0. Alarm is working fine (i can see it in AlarmViewer and even acknowledge) but there are nothing in SQL database and as result in AdroitHistoticalAlarmViewer. Only thing is adding in SQL database table "Adr_AM_Incidents" -  Idx    CategoryId    Name    Agent    AgentType    AlarmType    AliasName    Document    Delay    Condition    ReasonRequired    NotesRequired    AssociatedTags 0               0             M_0.On    M_0    Digital                On                     M_0.On      NULL                0          NULL                   0                               0                          NULL   I tried everything. Only think i found its in Agent Adroit.AlarmManagement.AM.lastQueryError - error 80040e07 Conversion failed when converting the varchar value to data type datetime.  The thing is - I have created working History Alarm in SQL with MAPS before (which i mentioned in earlier posts here) and was doing same things, but month after - i cant. I need your help. Maybe i missed something. 
  5. FX3U-ENET connections

    Hi JanHrust. I did all the setting you have said. But without Fixed Buffer Communication: Procedure Exist (MC) it doesn't work (Connections are blinking and SCADA doesnt have connection to the PLC).  But in my efforts i've found that SCADA (MAPS and CITECT) only need 1 connection: TCP Unpassive Send OR Receive  Procedure Exist (MC) Disable Confirm and port. Before that i have been thinking SEND - for SCADA writing in PLC, and Receive for PLC giving data to SCADA. So i was wrong. If only 1 connection need - there is no need to go 2 SCADAs via same connection. Thank you for your advice.
  6. Maps alarm management

    Alarm management i've already described in my first and second posts in this topic. Why i want "like GT Designer"? Cause all the factory working on the HMIs and if i want to implement MAPS here first words about new alarm system will be: We want the same way like its working on HMIs. Real time with all of alarms in one list on one screen. Alarm management got 1 minute refresh time. And this is not what i am looking for. I am still looking maybe i can it do with EventViewer.
  7. Maps alarm management

    Ok. I'm adding AlarmViewer and choosing  defaultAlarmAgent  as alarm agent.  Now i will show you example of difference with one digital bit in MAPS and HMI (GT Designer). HMI (Screen is refreshing in real time) : 1. Digital = 0. - No messages on Alarm Screen. 2. Digital = 1 - (Occurrence) 16/08/18 09.02.32      Some comment             (Restored) --/--/-- --.--.-- 3 Digital = 0 - (Occurrence) 16/08/18 09.02.32      Some comment             (Restored) 16/08/18 09.03.32 4. Digital = 1 - (Occurrence) 16/08/18 10.02.32      Some comment             (Restored) --/--/-- --.--.--                          (Occurrence) 16/08/18 09.02.32      Some comment             (Restored) 16/08/18 09.03.32                            <-------Old message of same bit alarm is still on screen.  MAPS (Without Global Acknowledgement function) :  1. Digital = 0. - No messages on Alarm Screen. 2. Digital = 1 - (Alarm Time) 16/08/18 09.02.32      Some comment             *Red background*  3 Digital = 0 - No messages on Alarm Screen. 4. Digital = 1 - (Alarm Time) 16/08/18 10.02.32      Some comment             *Red background*                <-------No old message of same bit alarm is on screen.    With Global Acknowledgement function will be only one another phase when will be *Green Background* I hope you will get my idea. 
  8. FX3U-ENET connections

    I have been thinking about using OPC, but i never used it before. So at first i am trying to do this without OPC only with drivers within SCADAs.
  9. Maps alarm management

    Yes. Added 1 digital signal in Alarming. Alarm agent: defaultAlarmAgent. Added Alarmlist in route 0 and in the Event Logs: LOCAL. Alarm types: ON (i want to see when this bit is on and when its gone in one message). Route 0.  
  10. FX3U-ENET connections

    Hello. Thank for your advice, but i saw this manual when i have started set up connection between citect and fx3u and it cover only TCP/IP part of connection.
  11. Maps alarm management

    Hello. Yeah, i already have done it. They are changing values in real PLC.
  12. FX3U-ENET connections

    Hi, no problem, better late than never. First question i already figured out from some of the manual.  Main problem with second question i hadnt find UDP driver in MAPS (4) and in Citect (7.10) as well. 
  13. Maps alarm management

    Hello everyone.  I finally had some time for MAPS. So i've tried what JanHrust said. Dropped the the Eventviewer and add the datasourse from the Events list - "Adroit". This show all the events from MAPS (i still didnt figure out how to show only needed events) and only with manual update or 30s auto refresh time. And this is still not that thing i want from it. I want to create same alarmview like in GT Designer. Real time simple alarm list that got in itself Occurrence/Restored time and comment with showing only alarms/operator actions i added.  Maybe im doing something wrong and i will try to do a research on achieving my desired alarmview list in free time, but maybe someone will advice me something.
  14. FX3U-ENET connections

    I have so many questions on using UDP (never used before): 1. FX-ENET configuration - when you are changing TCP for UDP there will open 2 more setting: Target device IP and port. I have SCADA on 2 different PC (with different IPs) so which one i should write? And where i can check port that are SCADA using (Didnt see in MAPS or Citect this parameter)? 2. Drivers on SCADA side. At this moment i have FX TCP Driver in MAPS and MELSECNET1 in Citect. Should i change this cause i am using UDP now? 
  15. FX3U-ENET connections

    Hello everyone.  I've faced problem with the FX3U-ENET configuration. Enet module only have 4 MC connection at once. So i already have 2 Melsoft connection (GOT Panels) and 2 MC unpassive(read/send) for SCADA (Citect). Right now i need to add MAPS to this, but via connection that had given for Citect isnt working (Only one of them working at once). So is there any chance to connect 2 SCADA (Citect/Maps) via 1 connection (with read/send)?