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  1. GOT FX3U connection

    Thank you for your answers. I need a trend of current value on GOT nearby motor, but closest plc is located 700m-1km away from it. So idk, i think it doesnt require fast speed link or i wrong?
  2. GOT FX3U connection

    Hello everyone. I need to make connection between plc fx3u and GOT panel (still not sure what model it will be) on distance between each other +-1km. Which connection should i use? Ethernet? 422? 485?
  3. 1 slave to multiple masters

    I quite dont understand your answer. But arent there the same type of commucation on device thats i need data from? Cause and QPLC and FXPLC will use 485 interface for this. And i red something about some divices thats allow you take data from the existing link, like this: Can you give advice on this?
  4. 1 slave to multiple masters

    Hello everyone. I got the project where plc Q00UJCPU with the module QJ71MB91 connected to the slave device via 485 channel . This plc takes some values (like current/voltage etc). i dont have access to this plc cause he is on guarantee on another service company. So question is... How to connect to this device as a other plc FX3U via 485ADP-MB (and i think RS command) module in parralel to QPLC already working link? Is this possible without harm QPLC and all the data which he takes?