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  1. Newbie to Mitsubishi

    FX3S 10MR/ES
  2. Newbie to Mitsubishi

    Thank you for that. There are two rows of terminals on the top of the plc and two rows of terminals on the bottom. The top two rows from front is where the power is connected? And then the back is where the inputs are connected?
  3. Newbie to Mitsubishi

    Hi guys I am getting back into PLC programming after a very very long absence i am using mitsubishi FX3S and yes i will therefore be asking some very silly questions. The first is on the controller itself there are two rows of terminals, one front and one back, is the back row the inputs and the front for the power supply or is it the other way around? Also can anybody reccomend some good videos/tutorials or books for beginners as classes over here where i live are very basic and very expensive for a 3 day course.