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  1. How to connect Address between 2 CPU

    Hi Future. Normally the connection is made under your network properties. You will need to select module type; then slot number aswell as your master/ slave transfer areas (W and B Addresses).   Regards Daniel
  2. Bit to word

    See here for a FB I already made at the request of another poster previously, just import the ASCII to your project. The only difference is it only takes in the lowest 8 bits but you can easily expand this yourself if you need to examine for a value over 255 decimal.     Regards Daniel
  3. panel meter

    Hi Ojay. Im assuming you mean you want to display the numerical value onto a HMI? You will need to find out where the numericla display is written from then copy the device address to your graphic display   Regards Daniel
  4. Float numbers

    @Ron_S See attached files above   Regards Daniel  
  5. logix 5000 hold function

    Glad I could help Simmo, feel free to modify to suit your application.   Regards Daniel
  6. Float numbers

    Ron. I have made the following FB for you, it will convert any floating point to 2 seperate integers. I have bench tested on my Q-Series and seems perfectly adequate for what you need. Attached is the ASCII Import file you need plus a bitmap of an Instance working......   The logic is driven purely from the Real input value, if it changes, the calculations are completed over one whole scan and passed to the output parameters.  The code takes advantage of the REAL_to_INT_E and reverse functions for generating rounded numbers in which the differences can calculate the signifjcant digits. Hope it comes in handy. iREAL (REAL); your HMI input value oWholeNumber (INT); the whole value from the REAL oSignificant (INT); the significant value (3 decimal places). oSign (BOOL); the sign (I have an absolute in there at the moment as I assume you always want positive). I would recommend you test that it works in the ranges required as ive only tested it to 500ish I think.   Regards Daniel FB_MrPLC.bmp FB_Real_MrPLC_V1.asc
  7. logix 5000 hold function

    Here is a screenshot of the logic and also the encapsulated AOI (Source unprotected). Note the Tag "oHighest_Pressure" is only updated when the Start signal is high, on the falling edge of Start; the Highest Pressure tag will default back to 0.   Regards Daniel AOI_Capture_High.L5X
  8. logix 5000 hold function

    Hi simmo1973. Firstly welcome to the forum. Of course you can, in ladder logic this is quite simple. So on first scan or the bit you use to request monitoring, one shot the current pressure to a holding register, then in parallel if the current value is less than the new value, move the new value into the holding register. Once the conditions for your reset are fuffiled then move a 0 into the holding register. If you doing this on many machines or routines, it may be worth making this into an AOI. Does that make sense or?   Regards Daniel
  9. Float numbers

    Then why not just have 2 16-bit fields on your HMI, 1 for the whole number then another for the decimal point? Of convert from REAL to DINT/ INT and take your significant number off there?     Regards Daniel  
  10. Remote Run/stop on FX0

    Sorry, your version of PLC does not support this for some reason. I just tried myself with your PLC type and the selection is no longer there.     Regards Daniel
  11. S7-1518

    Glad to hear you have a new one on the way. Make sure you come back to us if your facing the same issue.     Regards Daniel
  12. POU = AOI?

    Hi PLC369. Firstly, welcome to the forum. So the term 'POU' comes from the IEC 61131 standard and means 'Program Organization Unit' and thus all programs and resources are kept in here, whether this is routines/tasks or resources such as Function Blocks and Functions. An AOI can be called in as many instances as you want; so yes I guess they can be compared to be similar. Im not sure why Rockwell have never followed the IEC naming conventions (coming from a Mitsubishi backround I know they certainly have).   Regards Daniel
  13. Remote Run/stop on FX0

    Hi IkBenNietHier. Firstly welcome to the forum. There is a setting in GX Developer onwards that allows you to drive the internal Run/Stop from a phyiscal PLC contact. To find this, its under 'PLC system' in the CPU Properties. If your just want to stop execution of main logic, you could drive all your subroutines from a common marker.   Regards   Daniel
  14. Excel import

    Hi Luka. My first guess would be to use some sort of OPC Server. I believe "MX-Component or MX-Sheet" might be of use to you for this sort of thing. Just having a quick google of the above confirms this is most likely the best way to go about this. What sort of data are you populating in this array (INT, DINT, REALs?), depending on the OPC Server you may have to create a structure in your Globals and assign Mitsubishi Addresses Regards Daniel
  15. FX2N Battery replacement

    Okay, basically if you have an alarm already (on your HMI etc) then chances are the the PLC bit is being monitored and you may need a power cycle. The bits you will need to examine are: - M8005- This is the battery low signal (taken from the PLC firmware), this should be a true reflection of the PLC state. M8007- This is the PLC Battery Low Latch- ie this will stay high after changing battery, to clear this you may be able to toggle this, otherwise it will need a PLC reset. So after a battery change...both bits should ideally be low. Regardless of how you plan on doing this; make sure you take a backup of device memory (if you are in GX Developer then just upload "Device Memory", if your in IEC Developer you will need to use the "Device Edit"). Any latched memory not written to on startup means potentially you will lose all of this data in the event of a battery failure (things like HMI setpoints etc).   Regards Daniel
  16. FX2N Battery replacement

    Hi PLCMentor. With the Q-Series it is 3 Minutes but I guess a lot of it depends on the size of the Capacitors and Demand. Officially; Mitsubishi have always stated to power the PLC off before replacing the battery, however I have changed the Q-Series ones for years powered on without an issue. Just a slight note; If your code is monitoring the battery low latch, the PLC will have to be reset afterwards to clear this, if your PLC is monitoring the standard low battery voltage register, then it will clear automatically once the voltage reaches the minimum threshold.   Regards Daniel
  17. S7-1518

    Okay. Could it be that the selector switch is broken? (I have seen before). I seem to recall on 1500 series there is a software selection also made possible through the CPU Screen? With or without any Blocks in the User Memory, it is normally possible to still select Run Mode. Edit: Glad to hear you haven't tried to format the MMC in Windows  Regards Daniel
  18. S7-1518

    Hi Nick. Welcome the forum :). I have a few initial thoughts. 1. Have you had to flash or update the firmware? 2. When you say you have "formatted" the MMC, how have you done this? 3. Can you establish communications with the PLC?, is so please check for any messages in the diagnostic buffer.   Regards   Daniel
  19. Labels and Addresses Not Shown / iQ-r R08cpu

    Hi jh07052 Im a little confused by your question, you want to know why there are no Mitsubishi Addresses on some of these variables, correct? As I said before, local variables will not have Mitsubishi Addresses, if you dont have Mitsubishi Devices assigned to Global Variables they will be randomly assigned upon compiling.     Regards   Daniel
  20. Labels and Addresses Not Shown / iQ-r R08cpu

    Hi jh07052. Could it be that these are local variables? (ie in the header).  If they are local variables....they wont necessarily have Mitsubishi Addresses. I dont know about GXW3...but in IEC you do not necessarily need to declare Mitsubishi Addresses to variables; any not assigned in global memory are randomly assigned upon compiling.   Regards Daniel
  21. connect Mitsubishi FX in network

    Okay, so does the PLC remain on when the power goes out? Is the PLC ethernet passing through a router or switch?     Regards Daniel
  22. Rotation animation in Factory talk view

    I would look at 2 options...move your tag to a temp which updates on a 1 or 2 second clock pulse or use an AOI for collecting the average every few seconds. If you want to use a clock pulse; you should collect the WallClockTime in a GSV, if you want to do a average update, I can send you an AOI....   Regards   Daniel
  23. connect Mitsubishi FX in network

    Hello Antonio. Can you expand on your problem, what hardware are you using to establish this connection? Ie Ethernet or RS232? If you want communication to your PLC at ALL times; you could consider a UPS or possibly a control circuit powered from your incoming side of the isolator. However for the latter; you will need to check the electrical regs for your respectable country first.   Regards Daniel
  24. Rotation animation in Factory talk view

    Could you not just update your motor speed every 1 second from the PLC Tag then keep your HMI settings the same as before?     Regards   Daniel
  25. CompactLogix L35E

    Now you have an Ethernet Driver configured....go to RSWho and select your CPU through the Ethernet Driver then press go online.   Regards   Daniel.