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  1. GX works program read in a structured project?

    I always thought you could read from the PLC's internal memory- but the code is always presented in MELSEC Instruction List.  
  2. can not open a program

    Hi PaulKim. A quick google search via your error code indicates your RSLogix 5000 Installation maybe corrupt, have you tried opening another project to see if it is a program-related crash? The common fix seems to be completing a repair of the RSLogix 5000 Installation from the Control Panel --> Programs and Features
  3. Multiple PLCs to a single robot

    Could you not write the data from the extra PL'C's into the currently used PLC (using passive and consumed tags) then just port these into the slaves data area? 
  4. What version of the DA Server have you installed? 
  5. I have used both the Prosoft and Anybus converters. My general experience of both is that they were reasonably easy to set up- I was using Profibus and Profinet to talk to Modbus Plus and Modbus TCP Protocols (Anybus) and Profibus to Ethernet/IP (Prosoft). To setup in Prosoft- you will need the software Prosoft Configuraton Builder. In prosoft the address ranges, data length etc are all entered into the config file. Obviously in your PLC software- you will need to configure the node with the correct data lengths etc. This may vary depending on the protocols used (I can only vouch for the modules I have used). 
  6. qj71mb91

    BabyBlue10. You need to write some level of user program to control this module and handle additional information you require. When your starting the modbus card from the configurator tool- in effect it is toggling the start bit (as we said earlier 'Y4'). Writing this sort of command into your program saves you from starting in the configurator tool every time the CPU is reset or the Card stops. This is a standard protocol across most of the Q-Series intelligent modules.  
  7. connected users

    Randy. Depending on the platform...I do believe some controllers log this information in the PLCs internal buffer memory. Using the GSV block- this information can be retrieved from the controller.  
  8. Import/Export on 1756-L55M12 CPU Rev 16

    I also found out that you cannot go back versions... ie from a L60 v17 to an L55 v16 is not possible. I just read the release notes on RSLogix 5000 v17 and it does indeed note the introduction of import/export as .L5X extensions.
  9. Import/Export on 1756-L55M12 CPU Rev 16

    Thanks Joe. Im sure you appreciate how painful it is not being able to import pre-made Routines and UDTs. In theory I will now have to write everything again.
  10. Import/Export on 1756-L55M12 CPU Rev 16

    Hi Joe. Thanks for your response... I have had a closer look into this tonight and have established the following... I normally inport export routines/tasks by right-clicking on the main task and selecting import in the controller organizer. If I select a CPU with a revision of v17 or higher- this function becomes available. If I select my L55 CPU with max version 16; this function disappears. The conclusion appears to be; that a minimum version of 17.0 is required to enable this function with RSLogix 5K.  Can anyone confirm this? From a software perspective- I cannot see why this would be relevant.    
  11. Hi All. For some reason when I create a project for the above CPU in either RSLogix 5000 or Studio 5000 I cannot import or export routines or UDT's. If I choose another CPU (with the same revision) for example- this function becomes available. Revision 16 is the final version release from Rockwell for this type of CPU. Any ideas? I would have thought that this would be a restriction in the Software (as its compiled here) rather than the CPU Type?
  12. Allen Bradley + Profibus

    Im not necessarily referring to the present time- I mean historically... When I come across these sitautions- im always asking myself this question.
  13. Allen Bradley + Profibus

    Agreed...however. I have worked in many situations now where a robot cell is supplied to customers-  all remote I/O is on Profibus, all Robot Controllers are Profibus Slaves, all Safety is handled via a dedicated Safety PLC via Profibus. Depending on the customer- they may request Siemens, Mitsubishi, sometimes Schneider (Quantum). However if a Customers Requests AB- then there is no simply transition like with the other vendors above where a PLC must act as Profibus Master. Obviously there are ways around this. Mitsubishi for example- have there own networks (MelsecNET (H/10) and CC-Link)  but still provide access to other protocols such as Modbus, Modbus TCP, Devicenet, Profibus and Profinet. From a sales aspect- it just seems odd that AB doesnt have any method of getting into these sorts of markets like the example above.
  14. Allen Bradley + Profibus

    Hi All.   Just a random question- does anyone know why Allen Bradley don't directly support protocols such as Profibus?   I am aware that SST modules can be used- but coming from a Siemens/ Mitsubishi/ Schneider background, all these companies do...

    Hi Lurby. You could use a simple multistate indicator with an expression? In your situation above- you could have a simple 2-state indicator like 0=Open and 1=Closed or you could take it up a notch and provide strings for ‘opening’ and ‘closing’ also (and make it a 4-state for example).