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  1. Device point error between Parameter and PLC

    Hi Arnie. Please send me a picture of your PLC including all attached modules. I will send you a GX Developer project that I can bench test on my CPU and confirm working Otherwise send me your project in a .zip and I will locate the problem.   Regards Daniel.
  2. Device point error between Parameter and PLC

    Hi Arnie. You are trying to write to the memory card, is this correct? Normally with a CPU of this type- we would write to the Standard ROM. The 'check' button simply checks that the data you've input into the IO Assignment is acceptable (for example 16 points for an intelligent module would not be accepted). Try the 'Read PLC Data' button then save and try to download again.
  3. panel-view plus 600 HMI

    Okay- can you access via RSLinx? Perhaps the firmware has become corrupted, can you download via ControlFLASH? 
  4. 485 settings in a sequence program

    Okay. So you have the final revision of IEC Developer. I normally prefer working in IEC Developer but in this case it might be worthwhile to upgrade to GXWorks2, you wouldnt need to 'rewrite' your code, simply just convert between the 2.  If you want me to take a look at this- send me a PM- otherwise I see no alternative unfortunatley.
  5. 485 settings in a sequence program

    Is there anyone reason why you cant use GXWorks2 for this project? What version of IEC Developer are you using? 
  6. panel-view plus 600 HMI

    Hi Nyame. With the information you've provided- its very hard to give any advice.  If you've got it powered up and nothing happens, chances are it will need to be sent for repair.
  7. Problems opening a file in studio5000

    Normally on a machine commisoning; the customer would be asked to specify machine firmware revision requirements- the reason is normally to avoid the exact problems you are facing. As newer revisions are released- the software and hardware functionality also expands giving you better ways to look and analyse different conditions, the risk of downgrading firmware revisions at this stage potentially means some of your code will need to be rewritten and function tested.
  8. Problems opening a file in studio5000

    Again- you are facing the same situation you have before. Lets say your CPU is running firmware revision '25', you will need Studio5000 version 25 in order to open the file.  Once you have the file open then you are free to upgrade/ downgrade as you wish depending on the installed software versions on your computer. My main virtual machine for example runs RSLogix5000 v10 all the way to 19- then Studio 5000 20-31. So I have the luxury of being able to open pretty much any program. 
  9. Problems opening a file in studio5000

    Yes that is correct, the only way to convert your application is to open in a compatible version then roll backwards or forwards as you wish. The problem with rolling back a version is you may find lack of certain functions- leaving you with an uncompiled program, if its just for 'viewing' purposes then thats fine. If you are planning to load it in a machine you will need to be aware of whatever changes are needed in your code and you could expect slightly different functionality.
  10. Problems opening a file in studio5000

    Maybe you need an additional installation? (Such as an Add-On). If you would be happy to upload your program- I can see if I can open if for you...  
  11. CompactLogix

    Okay, in this case I would create a new Project in RSLogix5000. You need to match your project revision to the firmware revision on the CPU (lets say for example 15.1). This info will be on the CPU itself or check via the RSLinx window Once the project is built- download to the controller, whilst online go to your controller properties and go to Internet Protocol, here it will give you the option to manually set an IP Address and a Subnet Mask, once complete apply via 'Set' and your good to go... The other option is to click your ethernet module properties in the RSLinx tree and apply the same setting there- but Enivitabiy you will have to create a project at some point regardless.   
  12. CompactLogix

    Hello Anthony. Firstly welcome to the forum. There isnt a straight forward-answer to this i'm afraid but you do have several options. 1. If you have the correct serial cable you could connect intially via RSLinx then set a new IP Address using RSLogix5000. The cable you need would be a 1756-CP3. 2. If you know the subnet range in the PLC- if you make sure your PC is on the same and connect via ethernet- RSLinx may be able to check this way. Otherwise the BOOTP Utility could be used if the hardware address (MAC Address) is known. 3. If you have the original machine program that this PLC was removed from- the intial IP Address will be stored in here (assuming  the memory card is sill intact). By all means you can send me the program (if you have it available) and I can check for you.     Regards Daniel
  13. Understanding MSO Instructions

    Okay- your logic should allow the x.ER bit to he reset somewhere, the important thing is your running again. If you want me to take a quick glimpse over your code, feel free to send. Regards Daniel.
  14. Understanding MSO Instructions

    40. You are trying to run a MSO or MAH instruction when the drive is locally disabled. Could it be that the axis was inhibited at the time?  This also could co-incide with the point I made previously regarding the hardwired enable to the drive missing.. In your MSO command...are you checking the contact x.DriveEnableStatus where x is your axis name? 
  15. Understanding MSO Instructions

    Hi Bendanator. So if you 'monitor' your MSO Error Instruction in the Controller Tags- there is an INT inside the structure that will contain the last generated motion instruction error. As long as you havent cleared the PLC Memory- this error code should still be stored in the controllers memory. Please post the error number and I will feedback with further information. Where 'x' is the symbolic name of your MSO instruction- find 'x.ERR'. Otherwise save a copy of your .ACD file and post here and I will check for you.   Regards   Daniel