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  1. Start Ladder Logic Test

    You need to install 'GX-Simulator'
  2. Running out of memory on the Q03UDE

    Skidbladnir. Just a thought- might be worth formatting your standard memory then reloading your program. I've had memory problems before where I've overwritten 'parts' of code during different projects instead of starting fresh.
  3. Protecting Source- GX IEC

    Does anyone know if it is possible to protect source FB's (ST and Ladder) in GX IEC Developer 7.01/7.04? I have spent a lot of time engineering FB's that will be used in multiple instances and I would like to protect this code from being modified/adjusted.
  4. Problem with ET200M on PROFINET network

    As Jimmy mentioned..try clearing your system data blocks, then recompile all.
  5. Just a side note- as per Crossbows comment, MODSOFT is Dos Based and can only run on anything previous to Windows XP.  I used Serial cables in ProWorx NXT without any issues.
  6. Regarding the should be able to open this via MODSOFT or ProWorxNXT. There is a application in the ProWorx directory that will convert your code from a number of file extensions. Accessing the CPU could be done via Modbus or Modbus Plus- I built a serial cable myself that I used to engineer code on the 484 and Quantum platforms. If you want me to take a look at opening/ converting your code. Feel free to give me a PM.
  7. SERCOS II ---> Ethernet/IP.

    Its a compact logix L36-ERM...the original CPU used had Ethernet/IP and SERCOS whereas this CPU only has Ethernet/IP hence why everything now needs to be coded under the CIP_DRIVE DUT. I found a document that gives equivalents of variables between the 2 data types- but unfortunatley there is not a direct equivalent between the 2 protocols for all the variables. Managed to get down to 2 uncompilable tags- the only way to get around these will be to re-write the logic using the data from the new structures
  8. Q06H CPU Failure

    Just checked the bus pins...they all look perfectly fine on the CPU 🤔.   Anyone know if there is a mains fuse that can be checked/ replaced?
  9. Q06H CPU Failure

    Cheers crossbow...ill have a look
  10. Q06H CPU Failure

    Bought a new Q33B rack today and went to test operation with one of my spare CPUs. Unfortunatley it seems my CPU no longer works (I tested the rack with another CPU after and all OK). The CPU was working fine last time I used it. Has anyone attempted to repair/ fault find on these units? I think theres is a problem with the main 5v circuit as there is no indication on the unit at all (no lights etc). 
  11. SERCOS II ---> Ethernet/IP.

    Hi All. I have been tasked with engineering a new PLC program urgently. My employer has given me a week to convert an original piece of code that ran Motion Control across SERCOS II- now onto the Kinetix 2000 Series via Ethernet/ IP (also a pneumatic drill will now be an additional servo axis) Having a quick look through the code- my main concern is the conversion of the variables that were originally on the SERCOS II DUT ("AXIS_SERVO_DRIVE") and now are using the variables in the "AXIS_CIP_DRIVE" DUT (Ethernet/IP). The variables between these 2 are not identical so this leaves a lot of uncompiled tags. The main tags that do not compile include configuration words, actual velocity and other important tags that currently handle the motion logic in the main routines. My main question is- Is there an official conversion manual or guide on which variables can be used as a replacement between the 2 data unit types?, I have seen on the AB forum that similar questions are being asked but doesnt seem to be any straight forward replies. Considering I have "1 week" to convert all these tags, create a new motion group with necessary logic for another servo, adjust the IO tags and complete the HMI develpment for this machine- this seems like a lot to take on.   Thanks in advance.     Dan.          
  12. Profibus Issue- ET200s

    Gambit. Had left a High Feature in the ET200 from playing last night. Put the original header back in and turning off the DP V1 class has cleared the bus fault.    Many thanks 👍🏻.
  13. Profibus Issue- ET200s

    Gambit. Tried all your suggestions above- still getting the same diagnostic message.    
  14. QJ71PB92D vs QJ71PB92V

    Hi All. Can anyone explain what the differences are between the modules above- I know the 'V' is the newer version but what are the distinct differences apart from the 2 listed below? 1. Autorefresh only available on the QJ71PB92V 2. End of line resistor built into the QJ71PB92D
  15. Profibus Issue- ET200s

    I also read somewhere that someone used an older .GSD file (v<1.4) and this worked.  Any idea where I could find an older .GSD (.GSE) file?