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  1. Allen Bradley + Profibus

    Im not necessarily referring to the present time- I mean historically... When I come across these sitautions- im always asking myself this question.
  2. Allen Bradley + Profibus

    Agreed...however. I have worked in many situations now where a robot cell is supplied to customers-  all remote I/O is on Profibus, all Robot Controllers are Profibus Slaves, all Safety is handled via a dedicated Safety PLC via Profibus. Depending on the customer- they may request Siemens, Mitsubishi, sometimes Schneider (Quantum). However if a Customers Requests AB- then there is no simply transition like with the other vendors above where a PLC must act as Profibus Master. Obviously there are ways around this. Mitsubishi for example- have there own networks (MelsecNET (H/10) and CC-Link)  but still provide access to other protocols such as Modbus, Modbus TCP, Devicenet, Profibus and Profinet. From a sales aspect- it just seems odd that AB doesnt have any method of getting into these sorts of markets like the example above.
  3. Allen Bradley + Profibus

    Hi All.   Just a random question- does anyone know why Allen Bradley don't directly support protocols such as Profibus?   I am aware that SST modules can be used- but coming from a Siemens/ Mitsubishi/ Schneider background, all these companies do...

    Hi Lurby. You could use a simple multistate indicator with an expression? In your situation above- you could have a simple 2-state indicator like 0=Open and 1=Closed or you could take it up a notch and provide strings for ‘opening’ and ‘closing’ also (and make it a 4-state for example).    
  5. Accessing specific bits in a word.

    If you have access to predefined Mitsubishi Functions- you can also use the conversion to Bit Array- this is what I normally use, then specify your Tag[x] where x is the position of the bit you wish to analyse.  Here is an example for a 16-Bit Integer       BitArray.bmp
  6. CompacLogix 1769-L36ERM

    The other way to do this is to make the initial connection with USB via RSLinx and configure this way. Establish the connection via USB- downlod your program- then right click on your ethernet module in the controller organizer. Once you have done this- there is an option to assign the IP address (think its the 2nd or 3rd tab along), unlike BOOTP- you dont need to disable anything afterwards.
  7. Removing Coordinated Motion Task

    Thanks Jobbe9000. I have had a better look now- removing the globals COORDINATE_SYSTEM and followed through errors. I now need to instruct the motion axes individually and reassign all calculated "angles" that the Cartesian was driving to.
  8. Removing Coordinated Motion Task

    Hi All. I have been given a new program to engineer- the original code used 2 axis in a Cartesian co-ordinate system to allow for different angles of drilling. All done via Kinetix 2K on SERCOS II These axis are now to be individually isolated- and the angle is adjusted by the operator now. I need to remove the coordinated motion group- if I just simply "delete" this- do I need to be weary of anything else? Are there any dedicated coordinated motion instructions that need removing/ adjusting?     Thanks   Dan.
  9. qj71mb91

    Babyblue10   According to the QJ71MB91 User Manual- your start request is sent via Bit 5 so at starting X/Y 0000- your address will be Y4. See the attached diagram which shows your process flow and signals to analyse.       Cheers.
  10. Kinetix 300 Hard Limits

    I am using Kinetix 350’s... The firmwae version is very low (v2.xx I believe) so may explain why I dont have the functionality to disable/ enable these. The machine is being shipped Friday wired as is- but thanks to everyone for their feedback.
  11. Debugging Local O: Data

    This problem was caused by logic in different cyclic priorities handling the same Boolean.....was very hard to find (thanks to the Trending facility for helping me debug this).  
  12. Debugging Local O: Data

    Hi Joe. Yes I completely agree that it was most likely being controlled from another part of the program- however the system is now fully commissioned and this problem no longer seems to exist This project was developed from a "standard" piece of code (I use the word "standard" very loosely)- and thus; have spent about 80% of my time (roughly 4 weeks) debugging lots of different problems in this piece of code rather than improving my motion logic; written for drilling control.  
  13. Extended File Registers

    In GX IEC Developer there is the option in ‘Device Edit’ to export any range of MELSEC variables to a .csv file. You could do this (export)..make the parameter change- then write back in?

    Korona. I have had this issue before- are you installing on 64bit OS? I have 2 different copies of the MELSEC USB driver and sometimes I have to switch between them when installing in different VMs. Sometimes I have also had to go through the ‘have disk’ option and install that way.
  15. qj71mb91

    If you are referring to ‘starting’ the Modbus TCP card after a powercycle... This can be started via the utility or via the User Program. I dont know about the Modbus cards but normally the start request in an Intelligent Module (32 bit) is the first output bit of the slot number- so for example if your card is in slot 0- then your start request signal will be Y0 (you can also analyse the inputs X0-X1F for module state before sending the start request).