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  1. Need Copy of PL7-07

    The tech engineer at Schneider he said I could get it anyway that I could. They no longer have it or support it. I could not buy it from schneider.
  2. Need Copy of PL7-07

    I have not written a PLC program before. Have already does some crash course studying of the ladder logic and the software for the PLC. I have other programming experience. The only issue with reprogramming for me right now, is I am stuck on the logic for the call logic for the 2nd floor. I can tell by the hard wiring that each floor call button has it on input and each floor sensor (prox switch I assume NO). But the second flor can go up or down depending on which floor calls.
  3. Need Copy of PL7-07

    Already contacted them and talked to the Tech engineer. They no longer support or sell either the software or cable. He suggested ebay, but the software is not being sold. I assuming that if they do not sell it or support it, I can have a copy anyway I can get it. Yes the PLC run light is on. No error lights. Bypassed the door interlocks and safety travel limit stops (TLS - NC , DI- NO) still no operation. I see the I/O lights come when floor call button depressed. I do Have one Output light on, Think 0. I can manually trigger the reversing contactor and the motor will runs both directions. Next step would be look at the program logic in the PLC. I xcan buy a new updated PLC that uses free available software and a standard IO cable, but that means writing the PLC programming from scratch. Have already talked to the engineer at Automation direct for there basic PLC that would work, their software is free for download and used a standard DB9 to RJ12 cable.
  4. Working on a dumbwaiter that has a Modicon TSX nano plc with a Square D reversing contactor. The unit will not run. Have already checked and/or bypassed all the interlocks and still cannot get the unit to run. Can manually trip the contactor to make motor work. No error lights on PLC. Looking to up grade PLC. Do not have copy of PL7-07 to get copy of program off unit. Cannot find a copy anywhere. Do not want to have to rewrite program, but looking like that is what I will have to do. Any help or ideas.