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    Hello Everyone, I have to develop a FIFO program in Allen Bradley micro850 PLC. The description is as below: Three(3) sensors, where any of the sensor can be turned on first One(1) push button, where when the button is pressed, need to reset the first sensor that detected previously. For an example, there are sensor1, sensor2 and sensor3. Then Sensor 3 detected first, sensor1 detected second and sensor 1 detected third. When push button is pressed, first detected sensor need to be reset, followed by second and third detected sensor. Can anyone help me or clarify me on this matter.   Thanks in advance
  2. Greetings everyone, I have a Proface HMI(LT-4201TM Modular type DIO) connected to a siemens flow transmitter(MAG6000). Communication between these two devices is using modbus. The modbus register that im using to get the data/reading of a totalizer from siemens transmitter are 403022 and 403023. I managed to display the exact totalizer value from siemens transmitter on the Proface HMI screen. But I couldnt get the exact totalizer value at the ladder logic side, the value that i get at the ladder logic side seems like a raw value. For an example, the totalizer's value is 147083(real value), but at the ladder logic side the value for 403022=15598 and 403023=17316.   Can anyone guide me to solve this issue.   Thanks in advance.