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  1. Hello, I tried to install twincat3 on win10 but I get this error when I try to start the service:"0x424". I'm using visual studio 2015 I've tried reinstalling but no success. I've also tried to create a project in twincat using .net 4 framework and then start the process, but no success. Any ideas as to why this might be happening and do you have any possible solutions? thanks. Cheers
  2. CP1L CNTR Function, Increment is reseting the count

    Then why does it say "Set Value" right next to the 4? How do I change the SV then if that is not the SV?
  3. CP1L CNTR Function, Increment is reseting the count

    Thanks for the answer. My problem is that the counter doesn't even increment from 0 to 1. In the example, I chose a SV of 4 and, manually, set my counter value to 1. It should increment to 2 when I activate the input 0.00, but instead goes to zero.
  4. Hi, So I'm doing this project for school where I have to use an Up/Down counter. The thing is, when I simulate, the increment impulse doesn't increment the count, and instead resets the count . I have screenshots below of a program I created just to illustrate the situation, envolving just the counter.   The first 2 screenshots show how the counter is reseting the count from 1 to 0 when I activate the increment pulse (my problem); The 3rd and 4th illustrate the correct functioning of the decrement pulse, from 3 to 2; The last one shows the reset of the count from 2 to 0 using the reset pulse.   Conclusion: The Decrement and the Reset impulses function as predicted. The problem lies in the increment impulse. Instead of incrementing, it resets the count.   My Software Especifications: Software version: CX-Programmer 9.6 OS: Win 10 64-bit If you could help me out with this one I would really appreciate it. Cheers.