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  1. incremental encoder missing counts

    Yes, we have checked the length of cut pieces, and we have found the variation in length.  in attached file i have attached encoder details and cutter. the cutter position which is seen in attached file, on this position encoder PPI must be zero. i have set PPI zero on this position of cutter, but after making one cut, while i have checked, i have found that its not zero on this position. that is why we have suspect that there was a problem of missed counts. the encoder which is show in attached file is used only for cutter positioning.
  2. incremental encoder missing counts

    hello everyone, i am electrical engineer working in steel company. we have bought one new machine which having Siemens s7 300 PLC. there are two encoders in machine. one is used for measuring length of rod whereas other one is used for cutter home position. we got some problem related to encoder. i have checked on HMI screen that during first cut, cutter encoder missed counts. its 2048 ppr incremental encoder. so please can anybody help me to sort it out this problem. i have changed the encoder but still the problem is same. regards, Mayur