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  1. Problem in PLC system

    I am Not Expert in PLC Programming but i think this problem resolved as far as your Opinion but you are not resolving this problem then you click Visit Link. This Link Defenitlty Helps you Click Here
  2. generate number by const number

    int intrnd (int& seed) { #if LONG_MAX > (16807*2147483647) int const a    = 16807;       int const m    = 2147483647;      seed = (long(seed * a))%m;  return seed; #else double const a    = 16807;       double const m    = 2147483647;  double temp = seed * a; seed = (int) (temp - m * floor ( temp / m )); return seed; #endif }   I Hope this code is beneficial for you and if you want to more details about PLC Programming so you can visit my link Thanks and Best Regard Visit Link:-