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  1. NX_SerialSend

    Ok thanks; and just for information, with a NJ301-1200 connected to a NX ECC202 and a CIF210, i can send data with RS232 to a printer to print ? thanks !
  2. Hi, I need some help please, to print with a printer, i need to use NX_serialSend function block. So, i don't have this FB in my library, but i have SysmacStudio 1.15. I try to find it on the web but, nothing, anyone know how to have it ?  Thank's in advance.
  3. I have the same as you, but nothing, it's a problem with the printer, they don't understand all the pcl code.   But all the program works, thank you very much for your help !
  4. So, i need to print <esc>E<esc>&26A<esc>&30B if i use $1BE$1B&26A......  it does not work
  5. Hi ! I have a last problem, so, i can send PCL code to printer, but, i want to do this differently, i need the charactere esc ! In hexa it's 1Bh, but i need the ascii charactere, when i use the function block to convert, I get a point '.' but it's not this, because when i convert point to hexa, i haven't 1Bh. So it's a special character, i want to copy it, and paste simply, but i can't copy the character, sysmac studio copy the line or the variable..
  6. Great ! thank you very much, i can print now !
  7. With the first solution, the NJ doesn't see the printer I've test with a NB7 screen, all done but the printer need to be pictBridge, i'm very lost, i don't see how i can print text with a NJ
  8. Done ! Thank you very much for your help !
  9. Hi, sorry for the lack of informations, so it's a HP Printer that understand the PCL Code (language for print), it is connected to the ethernet port of a NJ301-1200, the NJ is connected to the PC via the USB port. And i'm use sysmac studio for doing this. So, I have test the function block CIPopen and skt, but nothing, i think the PC doesn't see the printer   edit : i've now a NB7 screen for doing this
  10. Thanks ! I'm going to do this now, If any problem appears I'll ask you !   Edit : For the DGT300+, I need the function block server or client ? and fn03,05,...?   Edit : I find it, but, i need only the function block client ?    DGT300+ is equipped with RJ45 Connector Use this port for communication with PLC through Modbus TCP/IP protocol. PLC acts as a client (Master) DGT300+ acts as a server (Slave) IP address by default on DGT300+: Local port: Modbus communication usually runs via port 502.    
  11. Hello ! I am new to the world of sysmac studio and PLC in general. I'm looking for 2 weeks all I can but there is no tutorial on the internet that learns really well,  or helps me understand how to achieve what I want. I have a NJ301-1200 connected by USB to the PC, I have a NX-ECC202 connected to the ethercat port of the NJ. And a DGT300 + connected to the ethernet port of the NJ. I try to communicate with this DGT through the NJ and therefore sysmac studio. Which function to use? and how to detect DGT and connect to it? thank's ...
  12. Please, it's important, nobody knows how to connect to a printer? SktTCPConnect function, or another?
  13. Hi ! First, sorry for my english, i'm french. So, i want to create a program with sysmac studio for connect a NJ301-1200 to a printer. Then sent data (PCL Code) to the printer, after, the printer read the PCL code, understand, execute and print ! I have the PCL Code, but i find nothing for connect the printer and the NJ, and send to the printer data. If anyone have an idea, I'll take this ! Thank's !