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  1. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN modbus

    Ok, now, i can send with the omron to my PC (multiway) but, in mode "terminal" in sysmac, when i receive the omron tram, there is a message that crash multiway, the datagram is too large to fit into the buffer and is truncated
  2. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN modbus

    Hmm ok... So, I think the better way it's to send information with SEND(090) by ethernet and identify the data. +Have you an example of program that send data with SEND(090), because, when i send with this function block, the led SD don't blink (that i think mean send data)
  3. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN modbus

    Are you sure ?
  4. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN modbus

    For you, it's possible to use the built-in peripheral port to communicate in RS232
  5. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN modbus

    Thank you very much for your help, i'm going to try this... And if i can't, i have two choices, the CJ1W ETN21 or CJ1W SCU21 (to communicate in RS232)
  6. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN modbus

    And how i use send and recv ? because, i need to connect to my BR PLC (ip address)
  7. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN modbus

    I don't find SEND and RECV instruction.   And what do you mean by generate proper fins response ? To receive fins command by omron, it's need to send a response ?
  8. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN modbus

    Thank you for your reply, i have see it, but i wanted a confirmation. And it's not possible to use FINS to communicate with a BR automation ?
  9. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN modbus

    Hi, I try to do this since 4 days.... Nothing for the moment, if anyone know how to do this (send information with modbus and cx programmer, please help me !)
  10. NX_SerialSend

    Thank's to all. I can send command to the printer, and it print ! If anyone want's to do the same things, check the firmware version (CPU) and sysmac studio before all.
  11. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN modbus

    Hello, I want to send information with a CJ1M-CPU13-ETN to a B&R X20CP0484 over ethernet with an open protocol like modbus. It's possible ? Thank's in advance... Best regards.
  12. NX_SerialSend

    Ok thanks; and just for information, with a NJ301-1200 connected to a NX ECC202 and a CIF210, i can send data with RS232 to a printer to print ? thanks !
  13. Hi, I need some help please, to print with a printer, i need to use NX_serialSend function block. So, i don't have this FB in my library, but i have SysmacStudio 1.15. I try to find it on the web but, nothing, anyone know how to have it ?  Thank's in advance.
  14. I have the same as you, but nothing, it's a problem with the printer, they don't understand all the pcl code.   But all the program works, thank you very much for your help !
  15. So, i need to print <esc>E<esc>&26A<esc>&30B if i use $1BE$1B&26A......  it does not work