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  1. Ethercat, Smartwire dt, or Other

    I'm out of North Carolina near Greensboro. I was thinking of going Smartwire route.
  2. Ethercat, Smartwire dt, or Other

    Long time lurker yada yada. So I design, program, and integrate controls. My recent project has left a bad taste in my mouth about letting electricians run control wiring. The cost was over 120k for their part in it and I ended up having to terminate at all field spots and cabinet. Enough of my whining. My question to the community is what experience have you had with Ethercat, Smartwire, or another field wiring topology that reduces the time for installs?  I'm looking to design the entire layout and just have local electricians only land power. Reducing costs for customers and speed up installs. Plus dang my control cabinet builds would get a hell of a lot simpler.