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  1. Face Book, I had to manually enter the IP address - broadcast search didn't work for me. Why? I didn't dig that deep into it - you'll have to answer Beckhoff staff specifically about that. I forgot one last thing, after the PLC is found by the IP address you entered manually, before clicking "Add Route" you have to select "IP Address" instead of "Host Name" (see the attached picture). As for the other question, the Siemens PDF states: "There will be two Ethernet network cards in the remote PC. The remote PC is connected to the machine or process LAN, via the first Ethernet card, with a fixed IP address. The remote PC is connected to the internet, via the second network card, typically connected to the company office-LAN." Like I said, this isn't necessary - my remote PC has one Ethernet network card connected to the switch which is connected to a 3G/4G router so my remote PC has internet connection through this router.
  2. Face Book, I was also interested if this works and had 2 Beckhoff PLCs (Panel PC CP6606 and  CP2611) to try this method. It works like a charm - I just followed the steps from the PDF you attached. Only difference is the last step - in TwinCAT System Manager when you go to "Add Route Dialog" you have to enter IP address of the PLC in the "Enter Host Name / IP:" field and click on the button (not "Broadcast Search" as if you are searching for the PLCs in the LAN). And yeah, I didn't have 2 network adapters on the remote PC as it is stated in the PDF, remote PC and PLC are both connected to an ordinary ethernet switch. Everything else - done as it is stated in the PDF (enabling IP routing in the registry, installing Teamviewer VPN driver on both machines and adding static IP route on programming PC). If you have some other questions - feel free to ask :)  
  3. Twincat system error while uploading

    Hello, Well, to be able to upload code from PLC to PC, before that you had to execute "Online -> Sourcecode download" command in TwinCAT PLC Control. Are you sure it was executed before? I used to get this error if there was no source code downloaded on the PLC. Don't mistake the "Sourcecode download" command with "Create boot project".