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  1. Communications Issue

    I need to have two separate networks on the computer, one to connect to the PLC and one to use as a VPN connection. I thought of trying the RS232 connection first before I get a network card for the second port (I only have one ethernet port on my computer). So I looked at the configuration in the offline program (The processor is compact logix), Under the serial port:  the baud rate is set to 38400 Under user protocol Protocol is set to ASCII Under system protocol Protocol is set to " DF1 point to point" So under the available drivers, I selected RS232 DF1 driver, selected the com port1 (I am not using any other ports). For the device I selected " PLC-CH0" I am still getting the same error. Just wondering if it is the cable, I used the standard cable for SLC.    
  2. Communications Issue

    Hi, I am having a similar issue, I can connect to the PLC (Compact logix) via ethernet, but not through serial port. I get the error "Failed to find the baud rate and parity! check all cables and switch settings" I use the standard AB RS323 serial cable. Is it the baud rate and parity settings of the DF1 driver? Appreciate any inputs. Thanks!