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  1. HMI view/control on smart phone or tablet

    With tablet..I used With Siemens Winccflexible with Miniweb ... With Siemens Wincc 7.4 I used Web UX  With Womderware Indusoft web i used Web thin access I think with any  Scada software we should test on LAN ..then with access through inter net need static IP or host ( dyns..or No -IP) then config them in IIS window...  
  2. PanelPC for AdvancedHMI?

    I think many type pf HMI you can choose...:  SIMATIC IPC377E...sorry admin..could i post this HMI product here ? Technical specifications for SIMATIC IPC377E Display size, operator input 12", 15", 19" / analog-resistive with single-touch Processor technology Intel Celeron Quad Core (N3160, 1.6 GHz) RAM 4 GB Communication ports 2x 10/100/1000 Ethernet RJ45 Serial ports 2x RS-232  2x RS-232 / 422 / 485 (switchable) USB ports 2x USB 2.0  2x USB 3.0 Graphics ports 1x Display Port  1x VGA Memory 500 GB HDD Operating system None / Win7 Ult. Power supply 24 V DC Operating temperature 0 – 40 °C Certificates Industry standards (UL, CE, etc.) Internal interfaces mini PCIe (half / full size) Cooling Without fan
  3. Hello ! I'm a newbie !I have Siemens VFD MM420 and I want to change speed and direction of motor from this VFD ..I could make it before by enter an REAL value for change speed and minus sigh (-) for change direction and write those value .down PLC S7 1200 Siemens.... But with Indusoft web i just can enter INTEGER value..i try use REAL value ....the value write down PLC from REAL value change to HEXA value when I see online and the VFD not working... Please help can to solve this problem ? or i had any error s when build my project by ? Thank you very much !