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  1. Hi, We purchased a copy of Schneider Tele PL7-07 software from a 3rd party vendor to communicate with a TSX Nano, but when we install it, it's coming up saying that we're missing disc3.  We've gone back and forth numerous times with the vendor, they say it works on their side, it doesn't work on ours.   It's a long shot, but does anyone have the 3rd disc that they could send me the file from, or point me to someplace where we can download it?   Thanks mark
  2. Questions about CJ2M EIP

    Just add to this, I have sample code from RA on how to communicate between a MicroLogix 1400 and a K300(, , and a CJ2M and a MicroLogix, just hoping to find a way to have the CJ2M talk to the K300, without weeks of coding.
  3. Questions about CJ2M EIP

    Have you ever tried to communicate with a Kinetix 300 from a CJ2M?  I've looked at your code, and still confused on how to implement it for our application.  All we're trying to do is drive the motor at a given velocity(not position), which looks like we have to right 3 variables (ReferenceSource, CommandCurrentOrVelocity, and DriveEn).  Omron pushed it off saying it would take weeks to write the code for this, I'm not sure how they came up with that timescale.