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  1. Questions about CJ2M EIP

    Just add to this, I have sample code from RA on how to communicate between a MicroLogix 1400 and a K300(, , and a CJ2M and a MicroLogix, just hoping to find a way to have the CJ2M talk to the K300, without weeks of coding.
  2. Questions about CJ2M EIP

    Have you ever tried to communicate with a Kinetix 300 from a CJ2M?  I've looked at your code, and still confused on how to implement it for our application.  All we're trying to do is drive the motor at a given velocity(not position), which looks like we have to right 3 variables (ReferenceSource, CommandCurrentOrVelocity, and DriveEn).  Omron pushed it off saying it would take weeks to write the code for this, I'm not sure how they came up with that timescale.