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  1. Report Builder 3.0 with SQL Express/FTView SE

    Would you rather use field mapping between the PLC tags and your SQL database fields as opposed to writing Select statements?  Check out the tutorials on
  2. Factorytalk View SE Datalogging

    An MES gateway appliance ( autoenumerates PLC tags and SQL scripts with a much easier connection than ODBC.   Are you only wanting to log data or would you rather exchange data bi-directionally?  Stored procedures are possible on the appliance and there's a physical firewall built in between to NIC ports that won't interfere with the SQL connection. This is an article explaining how they work:
  3. Finding a Panelview Tag in the PLC

    Access all of the memory areas of your PLC way easier with an MES gateway appliance:
  4. RSView32 VBA Run-time error '4205'

    Connect with an appliance instead of a PC:
  5. Why are you saving flat files to a memory stick connecting to a database?
  6. MES interface IT

     QJ71MES96 doesn't have near the features of QJ71MES96IT.  Plus, these communication modules were never supported well by Mitsubishi and now have been discontinued.  If you're looking for the functionality of exchanging data between PLCs and other automation controls back and forth with databases, check out the Data Commander MES gateway appliance.  The MES IT module had application features turned off to be able to run on the slow Atom processor used on Mitsubishi's C-based module running the software application.  The Data Commander is an appliance with a built in firewall that runs the full enterprise version of the same software application as dedicated firmware and is not reliant on any particular PLC CPU.  The Data Commander includes drivers to communicate in the native protocols of all major PLCs.  It translates protocols between PLCs and databases.  Anybus and other gateways are just that - a field bus gateway.  Only a Data Commander can auto enumerate PLC protocols for Select/Insert statements and Stored Procedures to exchange data with the MES/ERP databases on the Production Management Level (ISA-95) (unless you want to start a rat's nest with OPC).  Full disclosure: I worked in the Automation Specialist group for Mitsubishi USA and now am a manufacturer's rep for the Data Commander MES gateway appliance.