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  1. Oh, sorry for my mistake! I understood my problem, now I need to buy a NS-Al002, convert RS232 9 pins to RS485. And now I have a new question: if it's not the Yaskawa drive, may be INVT CHF100A, Mitsubishi FR700... , what should I do? Because I see in the system of communication setting, we set Host Type: varispeed / VS mini. It set for all Inverter drive, isn't it? Thanks for your help!
  2. Thank Gclshortt, I have the NS5-SQ10-V2 and Yaskawa V1000. My PT NS have 2 port 9 pins, I use port A connect with PLC and I want to connect port B with Yaskawa V1000 drive. But how to connect 9 pins RS232 with Modbus RTU-RS485, can you show me about that?
  3. Hi, please help me! I have a PT NS and a Yaskawa inverter driver, can you show me how to connect them together? I don't know where are register address to read/write Modbus Slave Address, Function Code, Starting Modbus Address,  Number ... in PT NS. Can you give me a example? Thank you very much and sorry for my English!