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  1. MELSEC Q Processor with SSCNET

    I was just handed this project with little information other than some pictures and a verbal.  It looks like the existing Q already has one Q172DEX module installed with one port being used as well as having a Q172DSCPU in the chassis with the Q13UDEHCPU.  The primary chassis is full and there is an existing remote IO just below it.
  2. MELSEC Q Processor with SSCNET

    I am looking at a conversion from an A series processor to a Q series and the existing A has a number of MELSEC MR-J2S-22KB and MR-J2S-350B servo controllers that appear to be using  SSCNET.  What do I need to control these with a Q series controller?
  3. Ladder Display Format Change

    My program has the option Tool | Options | Program Editor | Ladder | Ladder Diagram Display Format set to 11 Contacts.  Are there any repercussions to changing this on an existing program?  I would like to spread it out to the 17 Contact setting.
  4. MOV Addresses

    I am working on a Mitsubishi Q03UDE PLC and the previous controls had instructions that are unfamiliar to me as to how and why.  I have more experience with Rockwell, Siemens and Modicon, so I'm not real familiar with the Mitsubishi.  This is a ladder program with the instruction :  [MOV H3FF K3L11].  The hex constant changes at different locations and it appears this is setting/resetting Latch type coils starting at L11 (there are actually quite a number of starting addresses (K3Lxx(x)) referenced).  I have looked through (and done searches) through the manuals and cannot find a reference to this syntax.  Any help on where to find how this works and any other variation on it would be appreciated. Thanks!