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  1. hydraulic cylinder speed function

    Thank you so much! Distance of encoder is 220mm
  2. hydraulic cylinder speed function

    But how I can check velocity? I have analog enckoder 0-10V. I can do some virtual axis for this or what? I have value from analog input which give me actual position. I would like to do function to show actual speed of cylinder.
  3. How to make analog signal more stable?

    resolution is 30000 but the card is -10V - 10V. So in fact i use half of card that's mean resolution is 15000. You are right averaging distort the signal. It slow down to much.
  4. How to make analog signal more stable?

    Yes it is around +/- 3 counts. What do you think can i use function MovingAverage to do this more stable?
  5. Hello, I have a question. I have analog signal 0-10V from baluff encoder. When the cylinder is not moving the value from encoder is jumping. I add moving avg in card setting: Is possible to do this reading more stable? How I can do it in sysmac
  6. CX-programer Math function

    Hello everyone! I have a question. I have a function : y=1E-06x6 - 0,0001x5 + 0,0043x4 - 0,0797x3 + 0,6374x2 - 1,5325x - 0,3771 . It's a  characteristic that i would like to compare. It's the way that i can easy create some function block that will calculate this? I know that in siemens is something like a math function and than we can put this function and do calculation. I tried to do this in ST in function blok but i have a problem with x6  Any Ideas?    
  7. Hello Experts, It is possible to do data logging to csv file from controller? I founded some manual about Cx-Supervisor software. It is necessary to do it by this soft or is another way directly from CX- programmer? I would like to do some trend of signals and compare than in excel.
  8. hydraulic cylinder speed function

    But i read position by the analog input. I have a baluff encoder. So i have position value scaled from input. I create some function but im not sure if is working correct. I store position when i start movement than i calculate distance during the moment and i div this with the time. Time is very short is like 0,3-0,4 s. Cylinder speed should be 150mm/s for move up and 54mm/s for move down. working stroke of cylinder is really short like 40-45mm. When i move cylinder all the way up and down i get 200mm for up and 70 for down. It's possible that 40-45mm stroke is to short to rich the full speed? On this short distance i get 80mm/s for up and around 50 for down. Time reaction of cpu should be enough fast to make the calculation. I run this task i 2ms period time.
  9. Hello, How I can simple do function to measure the speed of hydraulic cylinder. I have a position encoder. I would like to have a actual speed not a average speed. Speed in mm/s.
  10. Hello, I have a question. Every time when i save recipe or close page with recipeviewer. It's shows default first recipe which was added. It is possible to do that will select this recipe from the window which is downloaded to the controller every time?
  11. But the problem is that i need to detect kind of material on some short distance when the pressure is going up more aggressive for copper and than continue pressing with different parameters for aluminum and copper. The idea is to create intelligent electric press which detect kind of material, size of connector and stop pressing with two different ways for copper and aluminum.  I hope that i describe the problem enough clear.
  12. Yes i have CP1H Omron PLC . But how i can determine which material is using? Can you explain your idea?
  13. Hello experts, Maybe someone can help me. I would like to create some function which detect the material from which the pressed element is made. I know that is a relationship between material and how fast pressure is build up. I would like detect two materials : aluminum and copper. I have research, which shows that the pressure builds up faster for copper than aluminum. Aluminum is more flexible. Maybe someone has some idea how to create function which will detect what kind of material is pressed? Im thinking to use linear function. It is a good way? Maybe someone have some good ideas and can help me a little :)      
  14. Logo!8 data loging. 5 last values on HMI TDE

    I use a counter. I count value of full movements of cylinder until it's stop. I would like to do history of last 5 counts. And display this values for example when F2 i pressed
  15. Hello, I would like to ask if is possible to store for example 5 last value from counter and display this on logo HMI? I would like to create something like a history for last 5 counts. But im afraid that is impossible to do.