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  1. OK thx now is clear. SO i need to creat variable INT in plc than mapping this with the variable name from racipe tamplate
  2. I know that is write to controller. But how i can use it in plc program? There is no any recipie tab.. It will show in I/O Map? Is store in some memory? I do not know how this works in Omron plc
  3. NO no. I want to use values from recipe in PLC. For example I have some position valve which i set in recipe and I use this value in PLC for correct positioning. So my question is how i can get this value in PLC program?
  4. OK this i have done. But how I can read this from the PLC project? I need to use some function? Or is written with some variable?
  5. ok but how can i have a access in PLC controller project to this values? For example i set from HMI some value in one parameter and I would like to use this parameter in PLC logic.
  6. Hello, How I can get acess for the data from HMI recipies in my controller project? Can someone explain me this in the easy way :)
  7. NX-SOD400 Safety Output Parameter

    I would like to use this signal for safety gate. I have two input signals for this safety gate. But those two signalas are a single wire singal. If i good understand with configuration single channel with test pulse or without i 2 wire configuration like a 24V and L-
  8. Hello, Im using this safety output card. And my question is can I set the output parameter just for OSSD signal? My idea is to use two safety output for door locking divice. I need two inputs singals for this doors and I would like to use safety singal. It is possible? I see only two wires configuration in card parameters. 
  9. I figure out how this is working. Is depent what kind of protocol we are using. EtherCat or Ethernet. Via EtherNet we do expose variable from safety Controller and than link with the divice. Via Ether Cat connection is automatically and we just declare the variable in I/O map from the standard controller.
  10. ok thx, I found some information on Omron website. But im a little confuse. How i should do the hardware configuration? Im using NX- safety controller, NJ controller and NX-ECC203 Copuler. NJ controller should be like a slave terminal? This is how i done now. But after this article im not sure if it's right.  
  11. Hello Experts! I have a question. I trying to figure out if is possible to use standard variable in safety part of program and use safety variable in standard program. I know that is possible in Siemens controller and Allen Brandley too. I mean someting like : xxx.maintosafety   and xxx.mainfromsafety
  12. Analog input scalling load cell

    Hello, Can someone explain me how to scale the analog input correctly? I have cp1w-ad042 analog card with 12000 resolution. I want to connect to this card load cell with range from 0 to 3kg. I would like to have 0,01 g accuracy of measurement. It is possible? My load cell has 2mV/V sensitive.
  13. No this was the way how i was tried to do before. But today i found this function and is working very well. I connect the alarm with the page but i display this page only when i press the button. Button call subroutine which show selected alarm page :)
  14. I found the solution. I add button which call sub and then when we select alarm  it will display alarm page which we set before in UsersAlarm. Maybe that will help for someone in future. Sub SampleSource ShowAlarmPage("Page0", "UserAlarmViewer0", 100, 100) End Sub