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  1. subtracting the real value

    Hello everyone! I would like to do something like this in CX-programmer : Can someone explain me how to do it? When i try to use F-(434) function something strange happend. The value is still jumping and the line is not active. I would like to add auto calibration option for the weight module.  
  2. Hello ! how can I round up the real value to 2 decimal places? I have value of angle from Robot and I would like to have a confirmation of position. But Is a lot of decimal places and It take a long time when two value get equel.      
  3. Enumerations in Recipes

    You can set min a max value for each ingredients in recipice when you add ingredients. For example min 0 and max 100. Than you are not able to set value which is out of range.
  4. Adept Viper Robot programming from PLC

    nice manual! I couldn't find it before. THX!
  5. Hello, I have Adept Viper Robot which is programming from PLC. Can someone explain me how to program this robot from PLC using this FB? Maybe someone have example of software that would be very helpful! :) I have this Library already in my Sysmac Studio. I never done this before and I would like to understand how to do it.
  6. Hello, I have pneumatic island which is control by the EtherCat protocol. Can someone explain my how to set a bit in a byte? One bit in byte is a coil of valve. I add this valve island to EtherCat configuration. In I/O maps i can find 85 output bytes and 45 Input bytes. I guess that i should create variable to this byte and then set bit in this byte. But How? It's the way to address this bit directly? I did a test i used a Union : array 0...7 of BOOL and BYTE. Than I activate one of bool from array and the value of BYTE is changing and I MOVE This to variable with this same name like i put in I/O Map. But maybe is some better way to do it?
  7. Hello, I would like to use one recipe parameter which is time variable. But I have problem to use time variable in HMI recipie. Can someone help me with this? How i can handle this? I can put value in INT but how can i convert it to TIME in PLC program?
  8. hydraulic cylinder speed function

    I did this in this way:   I think it should be works. I did have chance to test it yet but every second we move actual pos to store pos and speed is a difference in mm.
  9. Hello, I have speed function written in Siemens. Can someone help me convert this function to sysmac ?      L #dt_PressPosition    // Actual Press Position       L     #press_position_stored// Last Press Position       -R                         // Difference in 200ms         T     #actual_diff_press   // Speed in mm/200ms       L     #dt_PressPosition       T     #press_position_stored// store actual press Pos for next round // calculation of speed - mm/s       L     #actual_diff_press       L     10.0       *R       T     #OutPressActSpeed       NOP 0
  10. OK thx now is clear. SO i need to creat variable INT in plc than mapping this with the variable name from racipe tamplate
  11. I know that is write to controller. But how i can use it in plc program? There is no any recipie tab.. It will show in I/O Map? Is store in some memory? I do not know how this works in Omron plc
  12. NO no. I want to use values from recipe in PLC. For example I have some position valve which i set in recipe and I use this value in PLC for correct positioning. So my question is how i can get this value in PLC program?
  13. OK this i have done. But how I can read this from the PLC project? I need to use some function? Or is written with some variable?
  14. ok but how can i have a access in PLC controller project to this values? For example i set from HMI some value in one parameter and I would like to use this parameter in PLC logic.