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  1. CP1L

    Hello,     I have one question for everybody. I have aplication with pulce control output. I need control the position vit absolute position mode. My question is, it's possible make origin without move. ( It is possible make preset the origin ).      Thank you for your answear.      Regards Beny
  2. NJ1 and RESET Servo R88D-1SN

    Hi,    thank you for your answear.    I was read this same information in Manual 1S servodrive. :(    Regards Jiri
  3. NJ1 and RESET Servo R88D-1SN

    Hi,    thank you for your answear. This procedure doesnt work. Encoder and cable are ready and ok. I need restart the servodriver without power down mode. When I use power down mode servodriver .... then i switch power on, then is drive ready for a work. This fault ( specific Error 21 ) show sometimes.    I think, to use write to ECT node (EC_CoESDOWrite instruction) restart ( reset fault )....and this solution doesnt work :(    Thank you for help.    Regards Jiri 
  4. Hi,    I have problem with reset Servo driver R88-D 1SN on Omron NJ thru the EtherCat command. Specific fault is Error 21 - Encoder commnunication fault. I use Instruction for the write the ControlWord(Reset-bit). The servodriver doesnt have reaction for that. I need reset the servodriver fault wthout power down.   Have someone solution for this problem.? Thank you.    Regards Jiri