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  1. Magelis-HMI XBT012110

    Thank u, sir. it has details I will try this
  2. Magelis-HMI XBT012110

    Right now I need to upload project from XBTOT2110 can u help me for cable fabrication details.... else send any manuals related to upload and download
  3. Magelis-HMI XBT012110

    Thanking you so much sir right now am able to see xbtot option  vijeo designer....
  4. Magelis-HMI XBT012110

    Registration procedures also I don't know Hlep me sir
  5. Magelis-HMI XBT012110

    In license Tab upgrade option not present sir,
  6. Magelis-HMI XBT012110

    Am already tried with vijeo designer lite 1.2 But it does not support XBTOT211 HMI
  7. Magelis-HMI XBT012110

    I cant't get support from local vendors because right now, I want to modify some changes in that in already existing old machine
  8. Dear all schneider Experts, anyone having "Vijeo designer screen editor"Software for XBT012110 megelis HMI. Please give a download link, I got very  stuck  to get this software #Advanced Thanking you......
  9. Modbus-RTU communication omron to third party

    finally the project was completed by using the omron temperature controller  replacement of delta, communication method omron FINS network it works good but third party is very difficult.  Tq for ure replay sir...... but now also am little confused in that RS485-RTU simple master to third party devices  further i will post some i am tried program details plz support me
  10. Modbus-RTU communication omron to third party

    oh then why Modbus-RTU easy master present in cp1e series plc's its not usefull ah...? (sorry for ask this sir am also an Omron channel application engineer but its my doubt i want clarification)
  11. Modbus-RTU communication omron to third party

    Tq sir u're replay very use full in my feature projects but now am using CP1E-N40DR-A only it not support  FB function so any another way.....? plz suggest
  12. Modbus-RTU communication omron to third party

    Thank for u're replay sir, am using CP1E is don't have Serial gateway and protocol macro it's only having Modbus-RTU easy master protocol am trying to connect delta temperature controller, plz suggest another solution to me like general modbus packet writing tips am using optional port as a rs485 communication 
  13. CJ1M-CPU23 Reading a square wave

    Hi, Jay sharp     I thing this link may help you  CJ1W-CT021 high speed input module it have following features: input frequencies to 500 kHz. • 32-bit counting range. • Digital variable noise filter provided. • 5, 12, 24 V line driver inputs available. • Supports simple, ring, and linear counting modes. • Supports two external control inputs, and a total of 16 functions can be set: open gate, close gate, preset, reset, capture, stop/capture/reset combinations, reset enable, and more. • One Unit supports two external outputs and 30 internal outputs with counter value zone comparisons, target comparisons, delays, holds, programmable outputs, and hysteresis settings. • Pulse rate measurement function and data logging. • Counter outputs and external control inputs can be used to trigger interrupt tasks in the CPU.
  14. Modbus-RTU communication omron to third party

    How to establish modbus-rtu communication with omron CP1E plc(master) and delta temperature controller(slave), i am using "modbus easy master" protocol but, and communication data's all are correct but i cant communicate, am sending the packet but the slave not properly responding.... any one give me a correct solution and send any sample program. #Advanced Thank you.....guys
  15. Sorry for this conversation,sir but my situation is critical at the time, now i developed a new program for that same project