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  1. Hi Gents, kaiser_will: Thanks again for following up and for your notes on Motion Analyser. Gerry: Thanks for your suggestion. I was thinking of something along these lines but am concerned the logic could get pretty messy, especially as we would like to rotate or size the patterns to be drawn on the fly. I did find some sample code that could probably be modified and enhanced to do what we need and avoids setting up a coordinates system, again a bit messy though. http://search.rockwellautomation.com/search?client=samplecode&oe=UTF-8&ie=UTF-8&output=xml_no_dtd&proxystylesheet=samplecode&site=sample_code&getfields=*&lang=en&hl=en&sort=date:D:L:d1&wc=200&wc_mc=1&ud=1&filter=0&q=Managing%20a%20Crank%20Geometry%20(Rev1) Hopefully there's a neater solution out there? Cheers, Chris.
  2. Hi kaiser_will, Thanks for following up. "our geometry is not supported" is from Rockwell's Studio 5000. When configuring a coordinates system, the geometry of the machine needs to be selected however, there's not an option for our required geometry. What we're trying to determine is if we can build a solutionu usingAllen Bradley hardware/software. The mechanical side is not an issue. Cheers, Chris.
  3. Hi kaiser_will, Thanks for your message! Yes, this is a high level view as we're currently in  the planning phase and trying to determine appropriate hardware/software configuration.  More details below: Ideally an Allen Bradley PLC however, if this can't do what's required, we're open to other options. Cheers, Chris.
  4. Hi all, I would greatly appreciate any recommendations for appropriate configuration of axes and coordinates to enable control of the following 2D plotting device. There's two physical axes: A rotary axis sets angular location of an arm. On the arm is a linear actuator that sets the length/extension of the arm. At the end of the arm is a pen. What we would like to do is specify a pattern to be drawn in cartesian X, Y coordinates and for the PLC to do the necessary transforms and move the physical axes. According to AB Studio 5000 documentation we: Setup physical axes - OK Create coordinate system - Ahhgh... our geometry is not supported! Any recommendations on how to configuration the axes and coordinates for this machine? Thank you, Chris.