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  1. Scale with Parameters Application

    he guys thanks for the good Knowledge from this website. i have a question here regarding SCP using AD ON INSTRUCTION  . I have  created   my scp which controlling injection molding position  ,and it has the following parameter  INPUT . INPUT MIN , INPUT MAX, SCALED MIN, SCALED MAX,  OUTPUT , AND RATE. But when i go to the program and call my scp and configure, i dont  get output to the my scp output point but if i get inside the parameter is giving output meas it scalling. so i dont know where is my mistake. please help me on this. NB This is what i have set to the scp. INPUT. i have created a tag with dint data type.INPUT MIN. i have put 0  INPUT MAX i have put 32767.SCALED MIN i have put 0, SCALED MAX  i have put 125. and  OUTPUT. i have created a tag with dint data type. so this has know output. thank you.