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  1. GE Cimplicity Script Text Object

    I have attached a snippet of some of my code. Currently, i have a script that takes a Cimplicity point, Fuel Gas in MSCFH, converts it into SCFH and outputs it into a message box once the button is pushed. It works fine, however, instead of having it output into a message box, I want it to write to a Text Object. How would I take the converted variable within the script and write that to a text object?   Dim dblFGUnit1 as Double Dim strFGUnit1 as String dblFGUnit1 = PointGet("B1_U1_FG_Total")*1000 strFGUnit1 = Format(dblFGUnit1,"##,###,###") FGmsg = "Unit 1:  " & strFGUnit1 & "  SCFH" Msgbox FGmsg,65,"Fuel Gas Totalizer in SCFH"