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  1. Starting my career

    Update: Going on year two for my Automation Engineering degree. I’m really enjoying everything I am learning so far and hope to find employment in the field soon. Still have not purchased a rack to play with at home yet ($$$ constraints).  The only local work I’m finding is in maintenance reguarding PLC’s. I am not opposed to working maintenance in manufacturing or the aerospace industry, which is the biggest player where I live. There are traveling positions available, but I would like to finish my degree before traveling. Any suggestions?
  2. Starting my career

    Looking online for mirologic 1000 PLC's. Would you guys advise getting a trainer kit or just the controller? I'm thinking I could build my own I/O setup just wondering if it is cost effective to do that as opposed to buying a kit
  3. Starting my career

    Will do! Thank you for your input! I have been asking people I work along side in the field and none have really taken the time to give me any advice.
  4. Starting my career

    Never even crossed my mind to do that. What better way to get the hands on training I need then to own the equipment 
  5. First of all sorry if this is not the correct place to post this. let me start by giving some info about myself. I am a 35 year old 12 journeyman electrician and I'm seeking a career as an automation engineer (particularly PLC's). I have troubleshooting experience but no programming training. This has been a growing interest for several years which has now turned into a desire. After seeking employment within the industry I all but gave up on learning by experience. However I am currently working for a reputable company which does do automation. My job within the company will not allow much in the way of instruction into the programming world unfortunately.  My plan is to work closer to home and attend college for my ascoiates degree in automation engineering. After which seek employment within the industry while furthering my programming education by taking more classes (programming specific).  I guess the purpose for this post is to consult with the pros in an attempt to limit mistakes and try and fast track (as much as possible) a position within the industry. And to maybe pick up a mentor or two along the way!