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  1. Does WInCC v15 RT Proffessional come with a OPC UA interface? Can Azure talk OPC? or do I have to use MQTT. Can WinCC talk to MQTT? What software do i need to get WinCC to talk MQTT, or OPC UA, assume Kepware will support OPC UA as it is an OPC server. Can it talk to Azure Cloud? if so how? All of above is because I am currently looking for a way to link a Siemens PLC (s7-1511) & Wonderware scada to a Microsoft Azure Cloud. So far I think I could use MQTT or OPC but not sure what support what and how to go about it. Is there a guide on how to setup an OPC Client on Azure Im so confused with this cloud stuff.
  2. OTL with no OTU

      That would produce a "Duplicate  Destructive warning "  so frowned upon.    
  3. Download code to a PLC without RSLogix

    You can replace the program and the firmware  some model using a flashcard,   but these are created on similar same plc using RSLogix.