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  1. E-Designer Software

    Good Morning all, Anybody have E-designer software link either demo version or original version. I need to open E200 and E150 backup's. please share link if you have. Thanks.
  2. FX3GE with E200 and E150 HMI Communication

    Ok Thanks for the support gambit
  3. FX3GE with E200 and E150 HMI Communication

    Thanks for the update Gambit, For HMI I don't have a software. That's why i asked. HMI software is a licensed/freeware. If freeware please share downloader link. If licensed means tell me i ll purchase.   Thanks by, soundar.
  4. Hi, Am new to Forum, In existing condition TWDLCAA24DRF PLC is connect with  XBTGK2330 HMI (Serial). Now we updating the PLC to TM221CE24R. In HMI, the same driver can communicate with new PLC?  Without modifying the HMI driver how can i Update the PLC? Thanks by, Soundar.
  5. FX3GE with E200 and E150 HMI Communication

    Thank you Gambit, Instead of FX3GE, am going with FX3U means i have to do the modification in E-Designer. For ethernet am using ADP Module.   Without modifying the HMI i need to update the FX CPU is there any possibility is available.   Thanks by, soundar
  6. Hi, Am new to this forum, Here am using FX1S and FX1N PLC. In this PLC's are connect with E200 and E150 HMI's respectively. Now, we are going to update the PLC to FX3GE. Because requirement of ethernet. If am changing the PLC to FX3GE, in this HMI's can communicate with this PLC via RS422 (Serial) port with same cable or i have to modify the driver in HMI.   Thanks by, Soundar 
  7. CP1H PLC with CP1W-CIF41

    Hi,  Am using CP1W-CIP41 Ethernet card for CP1H PLC. In that card now IP Address is Now i Need to change the IP address. When i use Web browser for change the IP address it's can't open. I checked in data memory in that HTTP Port number is 1. In manual they given it's 80/0 only it ll connect. How can i change the HTTP Port number or anyother options for reset the CP1W-CIF41 to default. Through data memory i can't change the IP address and Port number. Any procedure to change the IP and Port number threw Data Memory. Please guide me.