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  1. Beginner Mk2.

    Thank you both, really helpful. I will now work through the other online courses as you suggest, with a good basis for guiding me towards what I need. Much obliged.    :)
  2. Beginner Mk2.

    Hi again, The sequence needs to be:-   Set on cylinder extend (Y30) When limit 1 (X10) is reached, cylinder extend (Y30) will be reset. One second later, cylinder retract (Y31) will be set. When limit 2 (X11) is reached, cylinder retract (Y31) will be reset. One second later, repeat.   I hope this what you meant. Thanks again.
  3. Beginner. Q12H Connection Problem.

    Thanks Akahige, I will take a look at this.
  4. Beginner Mk2.

    Super, thanks. I will put something similar together soon.
  5. Beginner Mk2.

    I now have a Q01 working with DI on a QX40 and DO on a QY10. I am running a pneumatic cylinder with 2 limit switches. I can't get the sequence right, I think I need the Set command and then set the switches to be PTB, but I can't get it to work. How would you sequence a solenoid valve to turn on (Y30) until the piston reaches switch 1 (X10) and then wait a second before turning on solenoid valve 2 (Y31) until the piston reaches switch 2 (X11)? This would repeat. Thanks for any help you can give.
  6. Beginner. Q12H Connection Problem.

    Thanks for all your help Mitsm83. I have no idea why, but when I turned on the kit to try your fix, there was no error light !! I hadn't changed anything from the day before. I guess it must be scared of you :) Having followed your training link, I realise that taking a few steps back is indeed the way to go. I didn't know what I didn't know and it turns out to be rather a lot. I will work through the courses as you suggest and will probably be back with another question soon. Again, many thanks.
  7. Beginner. Q12H Connection Problem.

    Hi again, 2 questions ......   You say :-  "I am thinking there is an old Intelligent Function Module setting in there that wont clear unless you run a delete."   "you need to delete the everything out of the PLC." How do I do this please?   Also:- " You can then use these devices just like you would a D. You set up the amount in the PLC Parameters under the PLC File tab they are then ZR, you can assign them to R, D or W in the Device tab. You may all ready know that IDK." I don't understand the D, ZR, R, D, W. I have attached a screenshot of the PLC File page of the Parameters. How would I enter the relevant data here please?         Connection Problem Q12H v4.docx
  8. Beginner. Q12H Connection Problem.

    Does this help at all? From Diagnostics Screen.csv
  9. Beginner. Q12H Connection Problem.

    I will try that, thanks   No luck I'm afraid. What does ->  "Change the file register file for the one which allows refresh in the whole range."mean? The problem is defined as:- "The refresh setting of the intelligent function module exceeded the file register capacity. - The intelligent function module's refresh parameter setting is outside the available range. - The setting of the refresh parameter range crosses over the boundary between the internal user device and the extended data register (D) or extended link register (W). - The intelligent function module set in peripherals differs from the actually mounted module." Except the third one. All of the others are  about Intelligent Modules surely?   I found the attached in Help, but it is way beyond me.     Connection Problem Q12H v3.docx
  10. Beginner. Q12H Connection Problem.

    Hi Mitsm83, The connection problem is that the error light on the CPU is flashing, so I am not able to transfer a program to it. The CPU has a program in it, since it was already loaded when I obtained it (second hand). The diagnostics works fine and gives me the 3301 error. I haven't added any cards. The set-up consists of the CPU, one DI unit (QX40) and 1 DO unit (QY10) only. The program I am trying to transfer has three switches going into the QX40 Unit and three LEDs connected to the QY10 Unit. The project is attached. Thanks again for trying to solve this for me.   12H DI and DO not Working.gxw
  11. Beginner. Q12H Connection Problem.

    Hi Mitsm83,   Thanks for your quick reply, I have attached what you asked for I think. Connection Problem Q12H v2.docx
  12. Beginner. Q12H Connection Problem.

    Greetings, Can someone tell me what is wrong with my connection please? See attached screenshots. Many thanks.    :) Connection Problem Q12H.docx