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  1. Hello everyone,  Simple question. I use APR function (Arithmetic Process) in CX-Programmer. Can I find the same function in Sysmac? Especialy, I'm looking for linear extrapolation function. 
  2. CP1L-EM CIF11 MX2

    Hello everyone. I read this forum so often and I hope that you can help me. I have to communicate Omron CP1L-EM with CIF11 Option Board with MX2 inventer, want to use PMCR Easy Modbus Solution. I think I check everything but still I don't have communication. Wiring: CIF11 SDA- -----> MX2 SN, CIF11 SDB+ ------> MX2 SP. On MX2 I activate termination resistance, DIP switch on CIF11 is set due to PMCR documentation, also parameters in MX2 inverter. The "COMM" diode on CIF11 is blinking so I think the communication hardware is OK, but I cant run the inverter and send frequency. Do you have any ideas? I attach my PLC programm. CP1LCP1HCJ1CJ2CS1ModbusSolutionV212_TEST.cxp EDIT. Looking for solutiion and I see that a A392.04 bit is changing his state (On - Off) all the time, 1 second On 1 second Off etc. But I don't know why.