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  1. Mitsubishi servo Drive, Motor combination error.

    Maybe in this topic you can find some useful info:
  2. Distance in milimeter from Encoder pulses

    So, is it rotary cutter or labeling application? What is the  needed accuracy? Give us some hardware info like PLC, registration type...
  3. Got Simple vs Siemens S7-300

    Ok, the DB party is on... Here on address +16.0 begin's new structure. At address 0.0 i have 12 bytes of character array. it should be 1 byte(8 bits) for each character, so i have 12 characters in this array(+0.0 to +11.0), right? Any idea, how can i see this array on the GS HMI?    
  4. Got Simple vs Siemens S7-300

    And B1.DBX2.0 - > DB1.DBW2.b0... thank you Nehpets. The big picture is just a 32 bit data register. That's what i thouth at first, but thinking mitsubishi like (16/32 bits) and confusing GOT help got me.  
  5. Got Simple vs Siemens S7-300

    Thank you Veganic. I guess i'll figure it out on the fly... no way to simulate this. Call me stupid, but still confused! :) Also steering at the help file table and make's no sense to me.... How DB1.DBW0.b7 = DB1.DBX1.7 and DB1.DBW0.b8 = DB1.DBX0.0 ?! I have 2 more DB's with a lots of INT's, DINT's and some reals... this is gonna be FUN!:)
  6. Got Simple vs Siemens S7-300

    Dear All, I have urgent task connecting GS2110 HMI with Siemens S7-300 CP 343 Ethernet OP module. I need to monitor the status of slitting machine on the GS HMI. I do't have the hardware yet, but the machine manufacturer have send me address list for DB's In Monday arrives a guy, who will install the CP 343 module and i need to do quick connection test, but  i have never handled Siemens DB's before. No time to research... Can someone help me understand DB's structure, by addressing the lamps in Status_test.gtx with the bits from DB1101 list I thought i got it, but stuck on +1.6 and +1.7 since DB1101.DBW0.b0 to DB1101.DBW0.b15 can be added... Should i continue with DB1101.DBW2.b3 at +1.3?  I am confused... :) Thank you in advance!   Status_test.GTX Status_test.GTX
  7. FX3U Analog Modules

    Fx5U/C support's up to 16 modules on the right side and 4 on the left fx3/fx5 series analog/temp 
  8. FX2N-16EYR Error Output

    Are you monitoring the program? Can you actually see, that logic is still energizing the Y output and the led for this output is still on while the temp is rising above set point? Asking, because it's relay output. It might be faulty and stuck in on condition...
  9. A function that waits for a specific signal to activate

    Pule train (step/dir)?
  10. A function that waits for a specific signal to activate

    What signals are you using from PLC to control the stepper? 
  11. A function that waits for a specific signal to activate

    Sound's like you need STL (step relay or step ladder some may call it...). In the IQ-F manuals, as i recall, there's a common overview of STL instruction. More details yo can find in Fx3 series programming manual and it work's the same way And the only difference was, that with FX3's STL end's with RET instruction. With IQ-F end's with RETSTL. But this is for ladder project.
  12. Pallerizer

    Work's like charm! Gambit, thank you again!
  13. Pallerizer

    Sound's pretty efficient to me!  I just need to modify Place.Z=Place.Z+(product height) for the next layer. Or maybe Place.Z=Place.Z+(layer number*product height) I'll give it a try both ways... seems like it's up to imagination... Thank you Gambit. A good example, pushing the right variable, not all of it. 
  14. Thumbs up for RS-485. IVMC is very useful function!
  15. FX5U and FX5-ENET/IP

    Oh, here we go!  And restart GX W3 after adding the profile. Then you see the module in the list. Thank you Clear.Mind. Let the force be with you!  Tuning complete.