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  1. enable a simulation

    Any time! 
  2. enable a simulation

    I had this problem before. In my case it was one of the first versions of GX Works3. No simulation for fx5 PLCs. I solved the problem by installing version 1.020 i think... evry of the versions above have the simulation for fx5. You can download the latest 1.038Q from the official site
  3. enable a simulation

    Wich version is GXW3 and what PLC are you programming?  
  4. High speed counter FX5U sample program

    If it,s a line driver then the output signal is 5V inverting between A and A' and to GND it's 2,5V Fx5 inputs requer 24V +-10%. It's normal to miss pulses and wierd it reads it at all. To read differential encoder you need high speed counter special adapter like FX3U-2HC and CNV adapter to mount it to FX5u but check hardware manual for details... It's cheaper to change encoder with 24V open collector outputs, but careful with PNP or NPN choice...
  5. You can set display off time in the system menu of  GS2107. Press the upper left corner in horizontal mode to access system menu.
  6. MR J2S 350CP With S7-200 through RS232/422

    You can execute positioning operation via communication from point table or just set speed, distance and...  
  7. MR J2S 350CP With S7-200 through RS232/422

    Sorry, but i'm aware only of Mitsubishi PLC's communication. If nobody answares here, try topic in Siemens section if nothing come's up with search...
  8. MR J2S 350CP With S7-200 through RS232/422 Chapter 15.
  9. PID Function block for FX3G

    well... i know what you are talking about! i have succeeded to import PidFx library in GXW3 simple ladder mode Fx5U project and now i can drag&drop it like the standart FB's. I'll test it as soon as i get the chance. Thank you for the hint Kaare_t.
  10. PID Function block for FX3G

    I'm aware of that, but you never know what you can learn in PLC world.... It's worth asking.  Благодаря колега! :)
  11. PID Function block for FX3G

    Is it possible to use this PidFx in simple project ladder mode?
  12. So many things can go wrong. From power supply, sensors, switches, signal wiring to mechanical issues, bad sized motor or poor programming. It's only enough if the servo is not tunned properly or at all. Is it a working machine that have the issue now? Is it retrofit? Is it a new project... ?! You have to be more specific on hardware like PLC and simple motion module model. With this lack of information, no one can help you.
  13. Maybe you mean 40B?
  14. PID Function block for FX3G

    I have to admit i'm little rusty with GXW2. I got use to drag&drop FBs in GXW3 simple ladder projects. Well...  easy is lazy. :)
  15. PID Function block for FX3G

    PidFx V100 for Fx3U structured type project and V400 for IEC Developer. No V300 on eu3a. But if you are right, i'm glad to hear.