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  1. Fxu3 _Ad4

    VFDs brand and model?
  2. FX5U Modbus communication

    There's somthing i can't find solid answear for... FX5 serial communicatian manual says that max number of units controlled by RS-485 inverter communication is 16. It's not clear if this is for each channel or for the system at all?  
  3. How to fix output of fx1s-20mr-001

    Yes, open the PLC.  You can trace the circuit from Y0 output to it's relay.
  4. How to fix output of fx1s-20mr-001

    Change the relay...
  5. Your GX Works3 project is for Fx5 PLC. The driver you have to use in GT Designer3 is IQ-F, not IQ-R.
  6. CP 343-1

    Problem solved. The guy told me, that the CP module is in rack 0, slot 4, but the communication started working with rack 0, slot 2 set in the HMI. I can see in Step 7, that CP is in slot 4, but the module is mounted right next to the main CPU. Now i can monitor all the data i need. Thank you everyone.
  7. CP 343-1

    If you mean Step 7... it's 5.5
  8. CP 343-1

    Dear all, I have a machine with CPU317F-2 PN/DP and i need to monitor 3 data blocks on a Mitsubishi HMI GS2110. The manifacturer of the machine send personnel, who installed and configured CP 343-1 ethernet module with our network settings.  The HMI is using S7-300/400 OP communication driver to communicate with the CP module.  HMI is pinging the cp module </=1ms, so the connection is strong and stable. No com errors both sides. But we were unable to monior any of the bits or word in the data blocks. Not even I, Q or M. The Siemens guy is claiming that all the data should be available for monitoring on the HMI. He hookup his laptop to the CP and in his Step7 everything is visible, but according to HMI manual, when OP communication is used, there should be PLC side monitoring permission for those devices. The Siemens guy did not know anything about that, so he left saying, that from his side everything works. We need to mnitor DB1101, DB 1103 and DB1104.  Can anyone help me check the CP config and add those permission if needed. I have Step 7 and the machine software, but not much familiar with Siemens. I work with Mitsubishi. Thank you all in advance and best regards.  
  9. Mitsubishi servo Drive, Motor combination error.

    Maybe in this topic you can find some useful info:
  10. Distance in milimeter from Encoder pulses

    So, is it rotary cutter or labeling application? What is the  needed accuracy? Give us some hardware info like PLC, registration type...
  11. Got Simple vs Siemens S7-300

    Ok, the DB party is on... Here on address +16.0 begin's new structure. At address 0.0 i have 12 bytes of character array. it should be 1 byte(8 bits) for each character, so i have 12 characters in this array(+0.0 to +11.0), right? Any idea, how can i see this array on the GS HMI?    
  12. Got Simple vs Siemens S7-300

    And B1.DBX2.0 - > DB1.DBW2.b0... thank you Nehpets. The big picture is just a 32 bit data register. That's what i thouth at first, but thinking mitsubishi like (16/32 bits) and confusing GOT help got me.  
  13. Got Simple vs Siemens S7-300

    Thank you Veganic. I guess i'll figure it out on the fly... no way to simulate this. Call me stupid, but still confused! :) Also steering at the help file table and make's no sense to me.... How DB1.DBW0.b7 = DB1.DBX1.7 and DB1.DBW0.b8 = DB1.DBX0.0 ?! I have 2 more DB's with a lots of INT's, DINT's and some reals... this is gonna be FUN!:)
  14. Got Simple vs Siemens S7-300

    Dear All, I have urgent task connecting GS2110 HMI with Siemens S7-300 CP 343 Ethernet OP module. I need to monitor the status of slitting machine on the GS HMI. I do't have the hardware yet, but the machine manufacturer have send me address list for DB's In Monday arrives a guy, who will install the CP 343 module and i need to do quick connection test, but  i have never handled Siemens DB's before. No time to research... Can someone help me understand DB's structure, by addressing the lamps in Status_test.gtx with the bits from DB1101 list I thought i got it, but stuck on +1.6 and +1.7 since DB1101.DBW0.b0 to DB1101.DBW0.b15 can be added... Should i continue with DB1101.DBW2.b3 at +1.3?  I am confused... :) Thank you in advance!   Status_test.GTX Status_test.GTX
  15. FX3U Analog Modules

    Fx5U/C support's up to 16 modules on the right side and 4 on the left fx3/fx5 series analog/temp