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  1. Speed in meter/mint

    Check the SPD instruction... , but i use different method. I usually use A phase interrupt rising edge on X0 and B phase on X1. Each interruption incremnts common data register... let's say D0 And that's how you can use 1000 pulse/rev encoder to read 2000 pulses/rev for greater accuracy. You can use the falling edge interrupts on 2 more inputs like X3 and X4 and you have 4000 pulses per rev. Every 100ms timer T0 moves current value of D0 to D10 and resets D0 and it self Now you have D10 accumulating the pulses for 100ms interval. MUL D10 K10 D20 gives the pulses per second. MUL D20 K60 D30 gives pulses per minute. It remains only to know pulse count for 1m and make the calculation program. This method may seem awkward, but proven over time as flawless.
  2. Speed in meter/mint

    What PLC are you using?
  3. FX1S output failure

    This is from Fx1S hardware manual for relay output type Response time  (approx.) OFF ➔ ON 10ms ON ➔ OFF 10ms
  4. FX1S output failure

    I think, that Y0 is fine. You just control it the wrong way. You can not run relay output for just 3ms. I do not recall right now what is the ON time for Fx series relay outputs, but i assume 10-12ms. It is normal to get 24V if com0 is connected there and the load is on Y0 and it's other end to GND. You have potential trough the load when the PLC relay is open(Y0 off)
  5. FX1S output failure

    And in pulse mode you turn on Y0 for 3ms ?!
  6. FX1S output failure

    Is it a relay output?
  7. Servo Basics
  8. FX5U and Encoder project

    I'm not saying it's inpossible to do it with main unit, but i quit trying. Main unit positioning instructions are ment to be used for simple positioning tasks. When you use pulse trian to control servos you don't actually have feedback to the PLC what the amp is doing. You can count only on good servo tuning and wire some amp outputs to PLC  for example "in position" signal to vrify that servo is done with positioning and redy for next instructio. Yes, the scan time delay is factor. When you need synchronisation of servo with another Axis or encoder you need special function unit that can hadle encoder, high speed inputs for positioning or synchronisation start and delay compensation parameters that can be set depanding on your mechanical/servo system, mark detection function also. FX5-40/80SSC-S have it all, but yes it can work only with JE/J3/J4-B series amps with SSCNETIII/H optical interface. It's not cheap solution but is dedicated exactly for aplications like yours and it's maybe the most cost efective solution out there when you can use it with JE_B series amps. It have differential/incremental encoder/MPG inputs, high speed/mark detection inputs. It have synchronous control and Cam function, also cam auto generation function. All the Axis data like current feed value, command feed vlaue, or encoder counter value right there in the buffer memory redy to be used in sequence orogram or monitored.    
  9. FX5U and Encoder project

    There's no simple answear for your problem. I had a similar task few yers ago. No luck with FX5 main unit only. I ended up adding FX5-40SSC-S module and end all my problems. Check the solution example below. It's IQ-R series simle motion module, but FX5-40/80SSC-S module have the same functions, but up to 4 or 8 Axis. Удачи братан! :)
  10. FX5U and Encoder project

    Brand and model of the servos?
  11. Fxu3 _Ad4

    VFDs brand and model?
  12. FX5U Modbus communication

    There's somthing i can't find solid answear for... FX5 serial communicatian manual says that max number of units controlled by RS-485 inverter communication is 16. It's not clear if this is for each channel or for the system at all?  
  13. How to fix output of fx1s-20mr-001

    Yes, open the PLC.  You can trace the circuit from Y0 output to it's relay.
  14. How to fix output of fx1s-20mr-001

    Change the relay...
  15. Your GX Works3 project is for Fx5 PLC. The driver you have to use in GT Designer3 is IQ-F, not IQ-R.