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  1. problem communication with FX2N

    setting used in the snifer : 9600 bauds, bits 7 ,bit stop1,no parity even if there no communication setting  in the program is not possible for PLC to communicate with software control ? by another program in PLC or other? maybe a bad protocol programming in PLC?
  2. problem communication with FX2N

    for my first idea, the control software make the JOB; is the PLC that don't make JOB
  3. problem communication with FX2N

    in the communication tab is only for attribut COM to the different device (for fluxer is COM6) i have sniff the rs232 at the PLC and the message in HEX is here
  4. problem communication with FX2N

    and after few secondes have an alarm on machine:   before the empty battery all was ok
  5. problem communication with FX2N

    i have a control windows on what the control software send to serial : (and no receive message)  
  6. problem communication with FX2N

    i chose in software the fluxer type with parameters see photo:
  7. problem communication with FX2N

    The machine is a solder wave for electronics board. The PLC command the fluxer of the machine. i attach a photo of the PLC    
  8. problem communication with FX2N

    is not possible that the control software send only parameters  D329 to D340 at PLC and the program run "alone" without RS instruction? or maybe a non procedural protocol in PLC itself?  
  9. problem communication with FX2N

    Hello, I have a big problem with a machine that uses an FX2N. The battery of the FX2N was empty and it lost its software; I had the sources of the manufacturer I sent them by RS232, the FX goes into RUN mode. The problem is that the software control of the machine no longer communicates with the PLC. The software control communicates with the PLC via an RS232 cable connected to an FX2N-232-BD board on the PLC. Would anyone have an idea? All help is greatly appreciated Thanks   (i join source of program,is an old medoc source)