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  1. There's more I need to accomplish than just logging and alarming. I'm going to see if I can access the 'Master' PLC and see how it is reading data from the 3 boilers.  If I need to upgrade to a Compact Logics I will if required.   Thank You for your support Joe, I will post my findings
  2. Thanks Joe for getting back with me, If I use a RedLion, I could send tags to it from the 'Master' But how then could my 5/05 read those tags from the RedLion. Or am I misunderstanding what you are stating ? I use RedLion here at my facility for generating OEE screens on my plant floor, So those are accessible to me and have some understanding of there operation
  3.      Good morning, My company recently purchased 3 new boilers, each boiler has a 1769-L33ER processor. There is also a 'Master' PLC that reads data from each of those boilers. Being that these machines are boilers I am unable to modify the logic due to safety and liability concerns of the manufacturer. Yes, we can gain access to be able to change the logic but then we are responsible for any errors or issues that may arise.  My question is, I would like to add another PLC so that I can read tags from all of the boilers, Another 'Master' if you will. This would allow me to write logic for alarming and data collection without actually touching the proprietary programs. I currently have an  old SLC 5/05 which I would like to use, but also could upgrade if there is no way of performing this task. Communication would be over ethernet. Can this be accomplished easily, Like an HMI reading tags