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  1. CT021 interrupt to CJ2H

    Okay thank's So for now i'm gonna use the CT021 just with the reset and the counting value. Do you think it'll be faster with : the CIO addresses n+22 / 23 to read the value and n+2.03 to reset it ? or the IORD/WR functions to read and change the counting value to 0 (reset)? or setting the linear counter with a range to turn on O0 or O1 that I'll connect to one input of the CJ2H  and take the action when the input goes 0->1 ?
  2. CT021 interrupt to CJ2H

    Okay, thank you for your help !
  3. CT021 interrupt to CJ2H

    Okay, so you're saying it's just because i connected it to far (7th position) that i'm seeing "Unit version : 1.0" for the ct021 in the I/O table?!? For now i have next to the cj2h eip : 1 DRM21 for the network -> 3 DC input units -> 3 transistor output units -> and then the ct021 (7th). will it be okay with the other units if i place them after the ct021 ? will i have to restart all the settings after.  Thank's again
  4. CT021 interrupt to CJ2H

    Okay thank's, so the ct021 have to be in the 5 positions right after the cj2h in order to perform the interrupt? do the I/O units count or can i put them after the ct021? it also says to "Use Lot No.030121 or later (Unit Version 1.06) of CJ1W-CT021 when using with CJ2 CPU Units." ; mine's lot-number is 120707 but the unit version is 1.0, can it do the job?
  5. CT021 interrupt to CJ2H

    Thank's, I have actually already read most of the Wxxx documents but they just mention the CJxM and once the CJ1H In this one neither i haven't found anything about the CJ2H
  6. CT021 interrupt to CJ2H

    Hello, I want to do an interrupt with the HSC CT021 and i'm using the CJ2H PLC, but i can't find any documentation about how to do it. Can anyone help me with that if it is even possible? Thank's