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  1. Another question regarding NA + SysMac Studio Is there any way to run NA simulation in SysMac Studio so that simulated NA connects to the real PLC?  I've only found the mode where simulated NA connects to the simulated PLC, and this works. But how do I connect the simulated NA to a real PLC? Again, this is a common feature to all the HMI editors. CX-Designer supported this with NSs, and NB-Designer supported this with NBs. But here I can't fInd it. Thanx.
  2. IO_Rack, thanks again!
  3. IO_Rack, thank you! I would never find this out by myself )
  4. Thank you, guys! Listbox unfortunately doesn't let to change the layout, and always grey when disabled, and always has frame and scrolls, so I couldn't use ut Created Global Subroutine acc to innoaloe's tip - thanks! Also this lets to change the color of string - which is also needed Also checked with creating auxiliary string variable inside PLC - works good as well PS My question was mainly because I just couldn't believe this feature is absent. Thought I just couldn't find it, but.... (( But it was lack of this feature on NS as well and same appears with NA... I like NB Omron panels. Consider them just as "normal", all common features are presented, price is pretty good. The only restriction - 10" is the max. Just pity! Only due to this I just HAD to use NA. NA is VERY expensive and yet VERY inconvenient for me. Same were NS panels for me - expensive and inconvenient.
  5. innoaloe, thank you! >>  Latest Omron CX-Supervisor (V3) already provide connection to NJ OK, but does it provide any mean to read data from it with external application? >>  Omron NJ-DB Series CPU which provides direct database connectivity Just afraid of this approach. The DB is existing plant DB, keeping already lots of information, having it's admin and respectieve client software. So I consider first that I provide necessary data and interfaces to read this data for the DB supporting people. So the basic solution I would propose to customer I would have SCADA for my system monitoring and any interfaces for external connection to my SCADA or to my OPC. Better directly  to OPC for better data rate (I hope). Could you please confirm that CX-Supervisor V3 Runtime and Sysmac Gateway is enough for that?
  6. Dear Colleagues, working with NA, can't find the following, very common to all HMIs feature: got Var1:INT within PLC. On the HMI want to create a string list (like 0= Sunday, 1 = Monday , 2 = Tuesday etc.) and have a respective string on the HMI changing depending on Var1 vaue. How do I do that? Thank you!  
  7. Dear Colleagues, could someone give a general tip what is the proper approach to the following task The customer wants to install up to 5 cameras FH and to collect data from cameras into his database (DB). Cameras are proposed to be used to inspect the web, being rewinded into rolls. The web (roll) has many defects (say roll is 500 m and there could be 100 defect points on the web within the roll). So the camera is to make 100 shots and the pictures must fall into to the existing DB, and in that DB the pictures are to be connected to the certain roll. At any time the inspector can come into DB, find a roll say #12345 which has been produced a month ago and realize, that roll #12345 has defects at points 12 m, 23m, 45m, etc. What is the correct approach for this task? I thnk about the following FH controllers -> via Ethernet IP -> NJ PLC -> via Ethernet IP -> Kepware OPC Server -> any SCADA for remote monitoring/control -> via COM/OLE -> customers's client which takes data from OPC or SCADA and puts into his DB. Does this approach make sense? Can there be better solution? My questions: 1. Does Kepware OPC Server provide COM/OLE interfaces for the external clients to exchange data? 2. Does Omron Supervisor SCADA provide COM/OLE interfaces for the external clients to exchange data? 3. If 2 = NO, then - could you please prompt any SCADA that can connect to  Omron NJ and provides COM/OLE interfaces for the external clients to exchange data? Many thanks, any comments are appreciated!
  8. NJ and IEEE 754 float

    innoaloe, thank you so much! 24-bit IEEE has only 15 bit mantissa ( 1 bit sign + 8 bit exponent + 15 bit mantissa), it's just less accurate than 32-bit IEEE, which has 23-bit mantissa  
  9. Dear Colleagues, could you please give a tip for the following Via RS485 non-standard protocol I receive from a slave device some data which is presented as IEEE754 24-bit float. Moreover I receive a byte array E.g. I receive byte[0] = 0x41 byte[1] = 0xF0 byte[2] = 0x00, which is IEEE754 representation of 30.00 So how do I obtain the REAL value from byte array? Searched through Instructions Reference Manual and didn't find no suitable instructions. No word about conversion byte array to IEEE754 float Thanks!
  10. innoaloe, thank you for explanation! 
  11. Hello All, If someone has an experience of controlling Omron RX inverter from NJ via EtherCAT? I can't just understand from the manual. Is it possible to read ANY parameter from RX via PDO, and write ANY RW parameter also via PDO? Also, it's written in the manual, that data transmitting time is 12 ms - Time needed to write/read inverter parameters from the PLC What that means? Is it cyclical (PDO) data exchange rate? Why so slow? Thank you!
  12. Dear All, could you please help I consider to retrofit a machine tool, there is Omron FQM1 motion PLC used, which controls 6 servo drives (Panasonic, Delta) via pulse train outputs. There is a master encoder, and each servo axis is CAM control with pulse train position reference to a servo drive. As far as I have understood. Lack of schematics and a spiderweb of wires inside control panels. Now I wanna use NJ301. Strange but I cannot see how to arrange pulse train outputs on NJ... How to do that? And in general, can I connect a master encoder to NJ301, create 6 servo-axis with CAM function within NJ301 and issue pulse train references to each servo. Or even could you please give an advice how to solve this with an Omron PLC? Which PLC am I select? Many thanx!
  13. Exchange CQM1-ID213 to CJ1W-IDxx - front connectors

    Thanks for help! Yes, I want to replace the entire PLC! Sorry for being not so exact.