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  1. innoaloe, thank you for explanation! 
  2. Hello All, If someone has an experience of controlling Omron RX inverter from NJ via EtherCAT? I can't just understand from the manual. Is it possible to read ANY parameter from RX via PDO, and write ANY RW parameter also via PDO? Also, it's written in the manual, that data transmitting time is 12 ms - Time needed to write/read inverter parameters from the PLC What that means? Is it cyclical (PDO) data exchange rate? Why so slow? Thank you!
  3. Dear All, could you please help I consider to retrofit a machine tool, there is Omron FQM1 motion PLC used, which controls 6 servo drives (Panasonic, Delta) via pulse train outputs. There is a master encoder, and each servo axis is CAM control with pulse train position reference to a servo drive. As far as I have understood. Lack of schematics and a spiderweb of wires inside control panels. Now I wanna use NJ301. Strange but I cannot see how to arrange pulse train outputs on NJ... How to do that? And in general, can I connect a master encoder to NJ301, create 6 servo-axis with CAM function within NJ301 and issue pulse train references to each servo. Or even could you please give an advice how to solve this with an Omron PLC? Which PLC am I select? Many thanx!
  4. Exchange CQM1-ID213 to CJ1W-IDxx - front connectors

    Thanks for help! Yes, I want to replace the entire PLC! Sorry for being not so exact.
  5. Dear colleagues, could you please give a tip need to exchange CQM1-ID213 to CJ1W-IDxx. CQM1-DI213 has a frontal connector, and, respectively, in the existing installaition the Omron extension cable and terminal board are used (can't identify the part numbers, unfortunately, pls see the picture). Is it possible to select a CJ1W-IDxx module with the same frontal connector as CQM1-ID213 has, so I could leave old Omron cable and terminal board (to avoid rewiring). CJ1W-IDxx has options of MIL or Fijitsu connector. Which one is directly exchangeable with CQM1-ID213 connector? Thank you!  
  6. Thanks for the replies! I"ve been searching myself as well and I've just found here https://www.ia.omron.com/products/family/3111/specification.html 5 MB  (100 KS)
  7. Hello All, I used CJ2 PLCs where program capcity is given in Ksteps. After few projects when ROM was unexpectedly over, I have cought, that 5Ksteps is too little and say 20Ksteps is enough. Now I'm selecting NJ PLC where it's given in Mbytes of program memory. So 3MB of program memory - is it much or few? How to compare Ksteps and Mbytes of program memory? Thanx!