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  1. FX3U plc, trying to trasfer memory cassette contents to plc (or vice versa) without removing the memory cassette.1st way is to use GX Developer, copy the program from the cassette, remove the cassette, and copy the program to FX3U Ram(but i don't wanna do this)2nd way is to have a cassette with transfer loader like FX3U-FLROM-64L and use the onboard buttons to get the job done. (you don't have to remove the cassette).3rd way is to have a FX3U-7DM screen attached to the plc and use the screen menu to transfer your program.Question:  Anybody knows an alternative way? (without removing the cassette and not owning a FX3U-FLROM-64L or a FX3U-7DM). Maybe using a GX works 2 or GX Developer or any other loader maybe). Regards