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  1. Change title bar of pop-up screen

    Thanks for reply. Yes, that is one solution, but in that case I don't have posibility to move pop-up screen around the base screen.
  2. Change title bar of pop-up screen

    Close button on title bar is all grayed, and like that, is not have good visibility. I hope that I can change it to standard red button with white X.
  3. Hi all,   Is there any way to change title bar settings for pop-up screen like font, close screen icon etc?   Thanks in advance, Miloš
  4. Detect wire break on omron absolute encoder

    Thanks all for reply. Sergei: Yes, I would like to have possibility to detect broken wire as soon as possible. gclshortt: Sometimes the encoder will not move for full turn. Operater can start machine, and very fast can stop. In that case encoder would not make full turn. Also sorry for my previuos wrong answer, about full turn. I thinking about this solution: when machine started, encoder turning, for every wire (signal) I need to check if state changes during defined time interval. If state changes everything is ok, but if not I shoult to stop the machine and set error flag. But I need 10 flags for errors, and 10 timers to detect that. I'm just looking for some easiest solution.
  5. Detect wire break on omron absolute encoder

    Yes, encoder makes full turnduring operation.  
  6. Detect wire break on omron absolute encoder

    Thanks for reply.  I have 10bit omron encoder with gray code. Every of this bits goes to one digital input on digital input module.   
  7. Detect wire break on omron absolute encoder

    Thanks, but I can't use this instruction with plc  I have. It is cs1d and gry instruction is not supported.  
  8. Hi all. How to detect on 10bit gray code absolute enncoder that one wire is broken? It is wired to plc digital input card. Is the solution to use timer and check every wire if signal not change during defined time interval then set error...or something similar?
  9. Finnaly I change IP address. I use words DM30198, and DM30199 to set IP address. DM30198 #C0A8 - as 192.168 (first two segments of IP address) DM30199 #001F - as 0.31 (second two segments of IP address) When used only rotary switch, it changes only the last segment of IP address - so the address always stays as where xxx - rotary switch settings.  
  10. I also tried to change the IP address from web page. Goto and go to Settings-> System and login with ETHERNET  After that IP address which is set is and subnet mask is I click on Set and then Regist. Turn off the whole rack with CPU and ETN21, then on, after that address is not changed. It's stay  
  11. Finally, I set up address in Unit setup to, dial switches set to 1 for x16_1 and F for switch x16_0. Then I use wireshark...bum...I get Ip address for omron as Why????   Now I can connect with this address, but in unit setup is set address, and subnet mask   Im not sure why third segment of IP address is not changed to zero. Instead of that it is 250???
  12. I tried everything... Configuration of Unit is good. LNk led ON, RUN led ON, 100M LED on. I cnt't ping my card. My comp and card is in the same subnet. I don't know what is the problem...    
  13. Yes the subnetmask is ok: I set 1 on rotary button x16_1 and F on rotary button x16_0... I tried with a switch, crossover cable...
  14. Thanks for reply. I can't ping tha card via Command promt... Its not CS1D-ETH21. It is CS1W-ETH21(ETH11 mode), my mistake. I can see it in Cx integrator, but can't ping.