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  1. Analog input CS1W-AD081-V1

    Hmmm, but this settings is greyed and I cant change in unit setup? As you said I set inputs to 1-5v/4-20mA, but in one module this settins is set to No detection, and on second module is set to Detection.  How to change it, is there any way to do that?
  2. Analog input CS1W-AD081-V1

    Hi all. I have two sam modules CS1W-AD081-V1, I set inputs Enable range 1-5V/4-20mA. For One Ihave RUN lit green, ERC not lit, Input disconnection detection is set No detection. For second module RUN lit, ERC lit red, Input disconnection detection is set to Detection. How to chage this settings? I want to have Detection on. I also try to se CIO bit to ON but can not,
  3. Contents display, word lamp?

    Thanks a lot, that's it.
  4. Contents display, word lamp?

    Hi all. I need to show strings, according to value from some addresses (UINT type)? With word lamp I can show string 10 strings. With Multifunction 16 strings. All values are sequential (0,1,2.....) I need to put 3 "string" displays on one screen to show state machine states. I think that I can put only one contents display ? Right? Better say, that I candefine only one Address for switching contents? Is there posibbility to define 3 contents display with 3 different Address for switching contents? Like this Value 0 - starting.... Value 5 - Wainting cond. 1 Value 7 - Waiting cond. 2 etc.
  5. Toggle pop-up screen on same button

    Hi Michael. I make Popup screen with some buttons. Then put Command button on screen (overview screen), with the next properties; Function: Screen Switch * Specified Screen - MyPopuUpScreen (previously mentioned) I need to implement something like fast selection button. When click on button first time -> open popup window. If Idon't want to select anything from popup screen, then need to close that scree on one of the following way: 1. second click on same button -> close popup screen 2. click outside popup screen -> close popup screen   Thanks in advance
  6. Hi all. How to make this function: 1. Click on button -> open popup window 2. Second click on same button -> close popup window   Thanks in advance
  7. Hi all. I'm new in this forum. Also I'm new to OMRON PLC programming. I have CS1D with unit version 1.4. I think that this is very old PLC. There is no ST, no FBs. How can I use one timer multiple times. Let's allow me to explain: I want to make simulation of motor running... When i set command to start motor, after some time I want (in my simulation section) to set flag which tells me that motor is in running state. That is condition which I need to motor can stay turned on.  How to use TIM, or whatever to simulate 10 motors ????