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  1. APR function - help

    Hi all... I want to scale data from analog input which I defined as Name: _LEVEL Type: CHANNEL I defined also next D words D10000 - ParamControlWordLevel    UINT D10001 - ParamAnalogLowLevel    INT D10003 - ParamOutLowLevel    REAL D10005 - ParamAnalogHighLevel    INT D10007 - ParamOutHighLevel     REAL Scaled variable is MeasureLevel REAL  W20 I have set on PLC first cycle ParamControlWord=#0201, use floating point  with one linear segment, ParamAnalogLowLevel=#0000, ParamAnalogHighLevel=#4000 (current input). ParamOutLowLevel and ParamOutHighLevel sets administrator from touch panel. APR Call parameters are 1. Control word = ParamControlWord 2. Source = _LEVEL 3.Result = MeasureLevel Is this good configuration? What if I have something in Source word (etc. #1160), but Result is zero (+0.0).   Best regards, Milos    
  2. How to add ProSoft RS485 MODBUS module (ILX34 MBS485) in Logix5000? I didnt have this module in selection list?
  3. Hi all. Which software to use to develop PanelView plus 7 operator panel application? Is that Factory View ME? Can I integrate it in Studio 5000?
  4. Hi all.  I need some introduction in serial communication between mentioned device... CPU unit CS1D-H, serial communication unit SCU21-V1 and GPRS device. How to choose protocol mode? How to create program for sending data to GPRS modem?   Thanks in advance, Miloš  
  5. How to log panel commands

    Yes, I made that. But when I start integrated simulation I can not see the event in list. I set Save to History option. Put the Alarm/Event summary control on screen, but cannot see changes, maybe the simulator is to slow, I don't know...
  6. How to log panel commands

    I see the operation log, Tab Write-> Record to operation log, etc. for ON/OFF button, but how to show it on panel control or something else?
  7. How to log panel commands

    Hi all. How I can log panel commands, in Event list? On panel, operator pushing some buttons, how I can write a moment in event list when operator push buttons? On panel application command button set some Bool tag, and PLC in last section reset this tag. I need to make some log of giving commands...    
  8. CX-Designer

    I also think like you. Thanks.
  9. CX-Designer

    Hi all. Is there any way, to add two events with same address in Event log? I need to make event list, when address is ON and when address is OFF? Thanks in advance, Miloš
  10. Ns panel backup file?

    Hi all. Is there any loction where I can see my backup file of panel project. I have situation that one of my host dissaper from list, no one tag is displayed in symbol list, only local tags stay?  
  11. Float substraction?

    Yes, but on panel I have mentioned two variables, formated with 2 decimal places. If I set first to 70.00 and second to 69.95 the result is 0.05000305? The problem is third parameter which I compare with this value. If I have parameter which is set to 0.05, and want to do some action if following conditions are met:  IF result<=Param then .... IF 0.05000305 <= 0.05000000 this is a problem?  
  12. Float substraction?

    Thanks for reply,  Can we make some rounding after 2, 3 decimals?
  13. How to define new instruction INS00-INS63? I have CPU CS1D-H, and see group User-defined -> INS00-INS63, but I dont know how to create my instruction?   Thanks in advance, Miloš
  14. Float substraction?

    Hi all. I use instruction -F(455) to subtract two real numbers from work area. Store result in TmpVariable also Real type from work area. Why is +70,00000 - (+69,95000) = +0,05000305?  ...NOT OK +70,00000 - (+69,90000) = +1,000000... OK Thanks in advance...
  15. Hi all,  Can you provide me some simulator for unitronics, visilogic plc series?