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  1. Hi all. I tried to start two identical Cx-supervisor runtime projects. Both of them started on different PCs. I noticed that after some time, some data (circle color) on one PC (runtime) were changed, but on second not. Why? I tried first to change the screen, and back, but the problem persists. Then I stop the runtime on "non-refreshed data" PC. After starting again data are changed. It looks like some refresh problem, but runtime projects are completely identical. 
  2. Etn021 ip address change problem

    Today I have success. I tried to change only last segment of IP address via DM registers without success. But after that I open web page of the module with IP address set before and login with ETHERNET, under Settings->System tab, I changed only last segment of IP address than click on button Set, than Regist and reset the PLC. after that everithing eas ok.
  3. CX-Supervisor runtime startup question

    Does it need to be in Monitor mode?!
  4. Hi all. When I start Cx-Supervisor runtime v3.4 on startup for some devices are showed dialog with question like: "Switch device to Monitor mode?" Why this dialog is displayed? How to scip this question and use default settings?
  5. Etn021 ip address change problem

    It is in etn21 mode for sure. I will try it on site, next week.
  6. Etn021 ip address change problem

    No, I didn't change node number. I will try to change ip address via DM or web interface when I go to site next week. But, I wish to know if someone have the similar experience...
  7. Etn021 ip address change problem

    Did someone try to change IP address via web interface or via DM area?!
  8. Etn021 ip address change problem

    I tried with serial cable toolbus, cs1h-h cpu64h. First time I success to change, but second time I tried I can't change. I tried cpu power off, etn21 reset, but it always displays message Transfer failed.   I also tried with Transfer to PLC option, and check IO Table and Special Unit Setup. Special Unit Setup always fails.  
  9. I have cts-etn021 module, and I change ip address via i/o tabe unit setup, and also set rotary switch to last segment of ip address. Let say ip address is and rotary switch is set to 93. Now when I want to change ip address, from i/o unit table setup, and click on Transfer pc to unit, error is displayed *Transfer failed 11 mode and download failed* What is the best way to change the ip address of this module?! Ps. Tried in program/stop mode and also via toolbus, and ethernet.
  10. To reply. Today I tried on site cx-supervisor application, and everything is work correctly. No error !!!
  11. CP1H Communication HElp

    Hi all.  Did you solve this problem?!
  12. Hi all. When I start my Cx-Supervisor v3.5 project, in log window I get this message: [Cx-Server: MANAGER, ERROR, 0x8825] Cx-server result code converter says that is  Failure: [CDM_ERROR] Communications Manager Error: [CDM_C_MANAGER]   What could be the reason?! How to fix this?   Same error as in post
  13. Point import problem

    Hi all. When I try to import symbol(point) from excel which is REAL type, Cx-Supervisor 3.5 displays next message: Unable to paste Point xxx  The Range/Default field is invalid. Before that I made  real point and export to excel, than I only change the Point name.

    Thanks a lot all. I do the NEGL and everything seems to be ok.

    CS1H-H CPU64. I think that Ishould use NEGL instruction to negate D651 and D655, and than it would be work?