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  1. SLC500 - resetting the time

    Hi Thanks for replies Yes , been through all of those options as well I agree that it does seem to be writing it back, but there is Nothing on the panel view to set time, no screens. The S40 - S42 registers only appear in the ladder in the one place, where they are used to set N registers, for the PV900 to read from.   So its got me beat, hence the question........  
  2. SLC500 - resetting the time

    I am working on a 15 year old SLC500/04 system. It is about 40 minuets slow on its internal clock, and this is displayed on the connected PV900 panel. The customer has asked for the clock to be put right, not really an unrealistic expectation. So have been on line, and in the 'Processor Status' , and clicked the 'SET TIME AND DATE' button. Sure enough it pulls the correct time from my lap top, but then after a few seconds, it reverts back to its old time. With the Key IN PROGRAM , the clock will stay updated, until the Key is switched back to RUN, at which point again the old time values are being displayed. Is there a way of resetting and maintaining the clock ? Thanks Richard