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  1. Value to corresponding bit instruction??

    I may be barking up a tree here, just in case any one reads this later... here is the solution.  Separate out the digits by BCD command into 1 register then use 3 MOVD commands with control words of #0002 #0001 #0000 into individual words. Now I have my digits in the 0 digit of individual BCD words..right.  Then MLPX(Decode #0000) individual words into CIO.  It makes a complicated "Variation" matrix that no one will understand but me.... Maintenance is going to love it haha... ah probably ought to just write it the long way.       
  2. Hello, I am stumped on what to do to simplify some code I am working on. CS1H CPU. I will try to explain what I am going for here. Currently there is some code with a bunch of compares that I have to add "Variations" to. It basically says... D100=110 ---OUT 0.00 D100=115 ---OUT 0.01 D100=118 ---OUT 0.02 There are currently a bunch of these lines with a bunch of different "variation" values turning on bits.  I know there has to be a quick way to do this so future addition of "variations" 112, 113, 127... doesn't mean going in and adding individual lines or rewriting it all to line up.  The instruction I mentally picture but cant find outputs a bit based on the value in D100.  A bad example of this would be if D100=12 turn on 0.12 but if D100=23 turn on 1.06 I hope I explained this well enough. 
  3. The +B Sets D2255 to a BCD value. Decimal to BCD 10=16. Hope that helps.  
  4. How it works data type k4m400

    I am sure you got it from the other posts but I like to share how I remember it.  Take the 'K' value times 4. You are basically making a register out of the M coils.   So, K1M400 would be 4x1=4 M400-M403  K2M400 would be 4x2=8 so M400-M407 K4M400 would be 4x4=16 M400-M415 K8M400 would be 8x4 so M400-M431 And so on.     
  5. Standardize PLC code for new machines

    We usually try to send one of the regular programs that is from a machine close to what the builder is designing. So if its a machine that is attaching and torquing widgets we will send a copy of one of our current widget torquing machines, we just strip out all the network address and stuff like that. Confidentiality contracts handle all the proprietary stuff.    I suppose if you had a lot of similar machines that you needed like a press shop or something, then you could make up an example program to send every time.       
  6. Standardize PLC code for new machines

    We use a set of standards that "lay out" the programming. Usually they will request a sample program. We provide some spread sheets that lay out the address map and flow of the program as well of how we want it structured.  As a small example we would say you have to use M1000-M1999 for anything that goes to a remote device like cc-link or Melsecnet an so on... M3000-M5000 for alarms These are not the actual standards just an example.  Keeping all of our programs uniform help to make troubleshooting and editing easy because you can look at an address and instantly know a lot about what it is from. 
  7. I am using MX sheet version 2 to gather some PLC data. All is working great but I decided I wanted to change the Automatic Save settings and it wont open the window.  As in I click the Automatic Save Icon in the sheet and nothing happens.   Same thing if I start a new sheet and on all the old sheets.    Thanks,
  8. Remote I/O over Enet/IP in Q?

    I wish, I just set up a drive on CC-Link so it was fresh, I used SW480.0 but don't ask me that next week! PS I checked myself in the manual I linked before posting just didn't remove the "If memory part of the post" :)
  9. Remote I/O over Enet/IP in Q?

    Manual Here is a link to a manual for the QJ61BT11N. See Appendix 3 SB and SW, this will have all the special relays and special registers that contain that info. If memory serves me right I use SW80 (+ your head address) it is the data link status of each station as in SW80.0 is status station ,1 SW80.1 is station 2 and so on.     
  10. Looking for job

    I'll second the Honda Plant, HCM.  Honda Canada Careers   Check out job 2016-1433 Not that I would know or anything but Honda is a great place to work. Might be a good foot in the door position for you.
  11. I feel your pain on this one. I have a similar issue and was pretty much told to rewrite it... I am looking into upgrading the Q CPUs to R CPUs then use Q to R racks when you convert the code over you can untangle the navigator project, or so I am told. You can keep all your I/O , pretty much just costs the R CPU and accessories price.  I am sure there are others on here who know more but that is what I am looking at.    
  12. Choose Keypad GTDesigner3

    You can make user created ones as window screens and set them to be used here. I have not done in but have seen it on a project someone else made.   GOT Keypadscreenshot.docx
  13. So, I am not able to find a problem here. Hopefully someone else can help. isengineer, if you see this and do not mind doing so post the symptoms you had sent to me that may give a better idea of where to look for others.  Good luck
  14. Beginner Mk2.

    I hope I am not doing your homework haha. While I think you may learn more from trying it until you figure it out here is a EXAMPLE project. Do yourself a favor and do the boring online training ( Boring online Training ) I went down the road your on and I wish someone would have made me do this at my start.  You can use it to get an understanding of what you need to do. What Akahige wrote is good as well and should give you a basic concept of what you need but just in case I put this together.   Turn on comments and statements.  To run the simulator go to debug in the top bar then click Start/Stop Simulation. You may have to click stop then reset then run on the pop up it stays in error. This sim is a good way to practice without loosing a finger. Of course you will have to toggle (Shift+Enter) the liimit switches when using the sim.  NEILTHEDUDE.gxw