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  1. QJ71E71-100 communication between PLC

    to whom may concern... Following your suggestions (Gambit) I had success to get this system works but...problem is the number of connections (16 in total) used for connecting together 5 PLCs and 4 HMIs (18 connections in this case for sending and receiving). That considering also the 4HMI because on the ship system i am working on, they are spread in locations not reached by PLC but only by ethernet connection.  Unfortunately, as far as i could discover, QJ71E71-100 doesn't support the "MC Protocol" which is instead supported by Built-In_Ethernet port on model Q06UDEHCPU. I heard this protocol has been provided to this kind of CPU in order to get it in communication with PC, but Beijer, years ago, developed a program part for using with  success also for PLC to PLC communication. The advantage is, as far as i could experienced, that by using "MC Protocol" it is possible to use the same channel for send-receive data; this is not possible using the standard features fo QJ71E71-100 device, which instead want to occupy 2 connections for sending and receiving. Therefore i am redirecting to this built-in-port CPU. Once again i would like to say thank you and i have also naother curiosity: does anyone of you experienced a problem of limitation like this with QJ71E71-100 device? Which is the advandage to have it instead of using the built-in-port if we loose this  "MC Protocol" option?   thanks anyway and have an happy easter
  2. QJ71E71-100 communication between PLC

    I would like to say thank you both. I tried to apply these suggestions, but i get some difficulties to set the QJ71E71 up because it seems it doesn't accept the MC Protocol mode. System does not work yet in the way i want. Anyway i'll try to find the way, but i really appreciate your support, much more useful than the Mitsubishi Official one.
  3. QJ71E71-100 communication between PLC

    Dear all, I am currently using GX Works 2, and i have experienced with success a project where i put in communication 6 PLCs together series Q06UDE(H) using Ethernet built in port, configured inside the program by these functions: - EthConnectQnUDE & EthSendReceiveQnUDE Now i have to do the same with 6 PLC model Q02U via external ethernet module QJ71E71-100. I know that Beijer developed the same function blocks for this purpose, named: - EthConnectQ & EthSendReceiveQ but i cannot find them in anywhere, and Beijer stopped this service time ago. I tried also to contact Mitsubishi support, but they do not have any idea what i am talking about and their "MyMitsubishi" support is very poor of solutions. Did anyone of you experienced the same problem? do you know where i can find these function blocks, or in general, where i can find a decent Mitsubishi Function block libraries?   Thank you very much in advance