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  1. RSLinx

    Hi everyone,  I am trying to download RSlinx back on my PC. It shows as installed but when i click to run the application it says "preparing to install and sits on the windows installer screen" any thoughts on what this may be? Ive uninstalled all my RS software and reinstalled everything using a disk hoping it would install RSLinx, everything installed correctly except RSlinx? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. Hi all. In RS Logix 500. Does anyone know how to split a 32 bit double Integer into two single integers for Modbus transfers?
  3. SLC5/03 RSLogix 500 Rack config error

    We replaced it, thank you for your response.    
  4. Hello all, I am troubleshooting a system that has a fault. The fault says "the rack configuration specified in the user program is detected as being incorrect". Its a 13 slot rack, all my cards match with the I/O configuration. I re-seated all the cards to make sure they had solid connection, also tried to start a new program and had the processor read in the cards in the rack which came up with message "invalid rack configuration". The system has been running fine except they had a rat get into the panel and it smells like rat pee all over the PLC. They have had a couple card faults to which I changed the card and it goes back to working correctly but now they are having this issue. Any more troubleshooting techniques I could try? Or possibly a fried rack? Any suggestions would be helpful.  Thanks,
  5. **RSLogix 500 Unattached Rungs**

    Thank you all for your assistance  
  6. **RSLogix 500 Unattached Rungs**

    Im thinking its just a visual thing maybe a glitch in my software or computer bc its not affecting the project in any way  
  7. **RSLogix 500 Unattached Rungs**

    I think i've got it figured out thank you.  
  8. **RSLogix 500 Unattached Rungs**

    When I click verify project, it says no errors all the rungs connect back together like they're suppose to but as soon as I start scrolling through they unattach again?  
  9. **RSLogix 500 Unattached Rungs**

    the rungs do not stay attached together as in the screenshot provided below when I scroll through the program.  
  10. Hello all,  I am doing a project in RSLogix 500,  I copied the logic from an existing project that is very similar just uses a different controller and some new analog inputs into a new RSLogix project. changed the controller type to match the new one i am using. My issue here is my rungs keep moving when i scroll through the project, they stay on the line number but  keep coming unattached from each other even after I verify edits and so on has anyone had this issue or may know how to fix this problem? Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks,  
  11. Studio 5000

    Hello all, I am wondering is there a way to convert Studio 5000 logic to binary code to be downloaded to a PLC and be able to run the program? Thanks,
  12. Keyence Barcode Reader

    Has anyone used a Keyence Barcode Reader with GE Proficy Machine Edition?
  13. I have a Micrologix 1100 that will look at a low and a high value that i scaled with parameters. How can i change that high and low scaled value from the LCD display on the PLC using RSLogix500?