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  1. qj71mb91

    How do I find the y0c?
  2. qj71mb91

    Meaning need to do some program to on it? But the modbus is at rio rack? Any ways to save the ram? 
  3. qj71mb91

    meaning y0 i need to enable so that everytime power cycle the module will auto start?
  4. qj71mb91

    I have this module that is currently polling some modbus adddress. Problem i am facing is everytime this module is power cycle, i have to manually on back the communication via the function utiliy. how do i auto start this communication? 
  5. Modbus rtu help

    Any idea where to check the message? 
  6. Modbus rtu help

    I had modscan the holding register exist. So far now I only enable 1 node address yet return error 7360  'Exception message reception'.  . 
  7. Modbus rtu help

    Guys, any valuable advise for me on the qj71mb91 module? The issue is that I keep getting the error code 7360 'Exception message reception'. I had tested the loop cable is working via modscan and the rio is able to pool data via modsim to prove my configuration works but the moment I connected the vsd loop, no data get and the error code keep coming? I am using iec development software.